Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is Shark Territory!

OK, today didn't COMPLETELY suck, and I feel it is my duty to report that. The crappy situation with the student's mom seems to have been resolved, at least for the moment. I got my deposit back from the outrageously exploitative beast that is Arthur Murray Dance Studio. How do those people sleep at night with what they charge??

The diet still sucks, but a lot LESS so when your fiance is coming up with delicious recipes and cooking amazing meals for you at the end of the day! Terence made amazing lettuce wraps, with bell peppers, onion, sauteed beef, and cheese...made me so happy. I was super hungry! Now we are watching the Shark's tell the Red Wings how it's done, with little fuzzies sleeping all around us. 3-1 in the second quarter...exciting! I love seeing how excited Terence gets about hockey, and the Sharks. He missed one goal while he was in the bedroom, and when I yelled "goal", man, did he move fast! He jumped over the kitty gate like an Olympic hurdler. There is something very comforting about leaning against him, as he runs off a stream of sports commentary....ain't love grand!

I felt a little sad earlier, to not be getting married in Sweden. It feels strange to be the first female in my entire family to NOT hold nuptuals in the little white church in Glumslov. I know the option has been there all along, but it didn't seem fair to everyone else, or to Terence for that matter. Part of me wishes I could have things both ways. I wonder if there is a way. And on that all a good night.

Cranky Panky

I don't want to teach today. I got a call from a Musika representative yesterday, telling me that a mom is disputing charges. She is saying that the kid only had ONE lesson. Which is technically true, if they hadn't told me 5 minutes after the lesson was supposed to start, that the kid doesn't want lessons anymore.

Now I find out she is claiming that I knew about the cancellation ahead of time and had "recommended" that the kid stop lessons because his "hands were too small". What the hell? Nothing wrong with the kids hands. I was IN her house, AT her piano, and had already taught the older brother his 30 minute lesson. She told me about the younger brother not wanting lessons, DURING his lesson time. That's what I call a "same-day cancellation". I guess what it comes down to is that this woman is refusing to pay for her son's temper tantrum. How am I supposed to just show up at her house today and teach the one kid, knowing she is lying to my employer? This just sucks.

Yesterday was sucky. Work was awful as usual. I got yelled at by my account executive for something I have no control over. I have been off work for 5 days, and she wanted to know why I hadn't made more appointments for the upcoming events...since she called 4 days ago. I guess they expect me to make phone calls from home now?? Geeze.

I'm a crabby bitch these days. I don't know if it's the diet, or what. Could be the MS I suppose. Mood swings and depression are part of the deal, I hear. I just wish I could pull myself together, so I'm not a miserable fiancee to Terence. This god-damned itching is unbelievable. Between the hours of 4am and 6am, I am awake, and my whole body is covered with bruises and marks from my scratching. My mind races, and I can't sleep. Every noise seems exaggerated. I can't lie still.

Yesterday Terence's family cat passed away during surgery. He was only seven, and a wonderful little orange guy. He had a lot of health problems. No more suffering for Winston.

I am enraged by the news of cats in the area being doused with gasoline. I hope whoever is doing this is caught NOW. Too bad dousing that individual with gasoline isn't an option. I would volunteer. Everyone knows that cruelty to animals is a precursor to serial killing. I'm so angry.

I don't like V8 juice. Tastes like soup, which is fine, if you're expecting SOUP.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feline Obseity

The chances of a cat being too fat for the opening in a cat tower? I don't know the exact stats on that, but it seems pretty unlikely. Cats are sleek, graceful, slender creatures. Aren't they?

Here is the reality: All three cats went to explore the middle portion of the new cat tower. Each kitty took a turn shoving their front ends in. Each kitty got hopelessly stuck in the opening. Were we shopping in the kitty "petite" section?? Ugh. So right now, I am trying to muster the motivation to go get one that has a bigger opening. Should I return this one first? Or get the new one? Just to compare? Or should we just put the kitties on a diet??

I have cold feet again, and I'm still itchy. And I'm not looking forward to the South Beach Diet. But it will hopefully result in more energy, lower blood pressure...and less cravings.

Speaking of cravings....This weather we are having makes me want to live in Sweden. I don't often get that overwhelming feeling of being homesick, but the other day it was pretty strong. I'm not sure exactly what it was that I was missing at that moment. (At any given moment however, I miss socialized healthcare. In Sweden, I'd have my MS medication by now.) Maybe it was just the way the rain was falling. The way the grass smelled. The simplicity.

Actually, that might just be it. I miss the simplicity. America is undeniably amazing in so many ways but there IS a price, I think. It might just be that I got old, but nothing is simple anymore. Getting a doctor's appointment? Impossible. Calling a customer service number? Everything involves an "application", a "wait list", a "proof of purchase", an "automated phone menu"...the list goes on.

OK, I don't know what that last paragraph was really about. I got all pensive, suddenly! OK, Ann, stop being pensive, and start being productive. Take your pick: deal with the financial aid application (again), return the cat tower, go pick up your prescriptions, go to the gym. Those are your choices today. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Stilletto!!

It was a wonderful party last night! It was the Annual Boston Hello Stilletto Ball - a fundraiser for MS. I haven't been able to find the energy to do much of anything recently, and I was worried that I'd poop out at 10pm...but I didn't! And I stayed in my wonderful Kenneth Cole stillettos all night long - and my feet weren't even the least bit upset! I participated in the "walk-off" and was handed the magical number "69" which of course triggered a shockwave of giggles throughout the event. My shoes, fabulous as they are, were not what I would call "outrageous" or "fantasmagorical", so I figured a creative presentation would at least entertain the audience and judges! I gotta be honest, there were some amazing looking shoes! I would have chosen different winners, but hey, the judges were from the shoe industry and I guess are looking for "most thought provoking" as opposed to "most asthetically pleasant"?

We ended the evening at the Top of the Hub, with the glittering city of Boston spread out like an open jewelry case far below us. Add to that a perfectly baked piece of french brie in a sweet balsamic fig sauce, and an impeccable glass of was delighful. John and Michael are so wonderful to hang out with, and we had many good laughs, as always! Terence was a sleepy guy, but looked super handsome in his tuxedo! I'm so happy to have found someone like Terence. I can't wait to be his wife. There was a girl, also with MS, speaking yesterday. She talked about how when she was diagnosed she lost her fiance. He couldn't handle it. At my time of diagnosis, I felt much the same as what she has described. I have since come to conclude that nobody is bound by obligation to stand by you in tough times. While the diagnosis happens to one individual, it would be selfish to just assume that everyone around you is unaffected. The only difference is, others CAN walk away from something like MS, while if you're the one diagnosed, you're stuck. People will always do what they think is best. And in some instances, "leaving" is the best thing a person thinks they can do. Things have a way of working themselves out. I am a living testament to that - and so lucky to finally have found the right man, at the right time. Hopefully the girl who spoke yesterday will find that the best is yet to come, regardless of MS.

Today...Red Sox game! It's quite nice to have nothing on the agenda, as that is quite unsual these days. With Kosmo here on the east coast with us, it's constant entertainment watching the animals interact! It's going really well I must say, with the only conflict seeming to stem from Chloe and her diva mentality. I think Little Man really enjoys having a step-brother, and Amelia...? Well, she is so mellow, and loves everybody! Tomorrow is puppy play date time!

I need a dresser. Urgently. Tomorrow morning I am going to hurl myself down to IKEA I think. I have come to realize that the reason it's become so hard for me to tidy up clothing and general stuff is because I lack the space to put said items. If there is a space for everything, then there'd never be a question about where I should put things! So...make that....two dressers. And one cat-tree.
Ugh. I'm still super itchy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Warning Labels

Gold Bond Anti-Itch lotion needs a warning label: Do not use around cats.

If it had a lable like that, I wouldn't be bleeding from the head. Little Man took a wiff of the lotion when he came up to snuggle, got all crazy, and swiped at my face. I turned away at the last nano-second, so he sliced me right behind my right ear. I supposed that beats having my eye socket excavated.

Alas, let us put the feline blitzkrieging aside. The underlying problem, the reason for Gold Bond being in our home to begin with, is this insatiable itch. All over my body, like a thousand mosquito bites...minus the mosquito bites. At first I thought this was my inevitable punishment for naked housecleaning. Five days and some internet research later, I find posts from thousands of MS patients, telling tales about waking up with bleeding shins, from nights of scratching. They are all describing the "MS-itch", moving all over the body, relentless crawling, bordering on pain.

The internet is a dangerous tool for hypocondriacs, not that I'd ever admit to being one. In fact, I feel that people diagnosed with MS should enjoy immunity from being labled hypocondriacs, because of the nature of their disease. Just because I have MS doesn't mean I won't keel over from a heart attack or stroke. It just means that any strange thing that happens to my being, could be one of two things:

1) It could be MS.
2) It could be something else.

Just to keep things complicated.

I don't think it would be a ridiculous assumption to self-diagnose in this case. This "MS itch" other patients are describing? It fits. It's been four days now and no sign of relief through benadryl or lotions, or cold showers. The solution? To mentally restrain myself from scratching my skin off. Easier said than done.

Tonight! We're going to the Accelerated Cure Project's Hello Stilletto Ball! I'm excited! I have no idea what it's going to be like, but can't wait to find out! I am such a sucker for "Black Tie Optional" events.

So in order to not be an OCD basketcase get crackin' with the to-do list.