Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feline Obseity

The chances of a cat being too fat for the opening in a cat tower? I don't know the exact stats on that, but it seems pretty unlikely. Cats are sleek, graceful, slender creatures. Aren't they?

Here is the reality: All three cats went to explore the middle portion of the new cat tower. Each kitty took a turn shoving their front ends in. Each kitty got hopelessly stuck in the opening. Were we shopping in the kitty "petite" section?? Ugh. So right now, I am trying to muster the motivation to go get one that has a bigger opening. Should I return this one first? Or get the new one? Just to compare? Or should we just put the kitties on a diet??

I have cold feet again, and I'm still itchy. And I'm not looking forward to the South Beach Diet. But it will hopefully result in more energy, lower blood pressure...and less cravings.

Speaking of cravings....This weather we are having makes me want to live in Sweden. I don't often get that overwhelming feeling of being homesick, but the other day it was pretty strong. I'm not sure exactly what it was that I was missing at that moment. (At any given moment however, I miss socialized healthcare. In Sweden, I'd have my MS medication by now.) Maybe it was just the way the rain was falling. The way the grass smelled. The simplicity.

Actually, that might just be it. I miss the simplicity. America is undeniably amazing in so many ways but there IS a price, I think. It might just be that I got old, but nothing is simple anymore. Getting a doctor's appointment? Impossible. Calling a customer service number? Everything involves an "application", a "wait list", a "proof of purchase", an "automated phone menu"...the list goes on.

OK, I don't know what that last paragraph was really about. I got all pensive, suddenly! OK, Ann, stop being pensive, and start being productive. Take your pick: deal with the financial aid application (again), return the cat tower, go pick up your prescriptions, go to the gym. Those are your choices today. Enjoy.

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