Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is Shark Territory!

OK, today didn't COMPLETELY suck, and I feel it is my duty to report that. The crappy situation with the student's mom seems to have been resolved, at least for the moment. I got my deposit back from the outrageously exploitative beast that is Arthur Murray Dance Studio. How do those people sleep at night with what they charge??

The diet still sucks, but a lot LESS so when your fiance is coming up with delicious recipes and cooking amazing meals for you at the end of the day! Terence made amazing lettuce wraps, with bell peppers, onion, sauteed beef, and cheese...made me so happy. I was super hungry! Now we are watching the Shark's tell the Red Wings how it's done, with little fuzzies sleeping all around us. 3-1 in the second quarter...exciting! I love seeing how excited Terence gets about hockey, and the Sharks. He missed one goal while he was in the bedroom, and when I yelled "goal", man, did he move fast! He jumped over the kitty gate like an Olympic hurdler. There is something very comforting about leaning against him, as he runs off a stream of sports commentary....ain't love grand!

I felt a little sad earlier, to not be getting married in Sweden. It feels strange to be the first female in my entire family to NOT hold nuptuals in the little white church in Glumslov. I know the option has been there all along, but it didn't seem fair to everyone else, or to Terence for that matter. Part of me wishes I could have things both ways. I wonder if there is a way. And on that all a good night.


  1. Oh honey!

    For det første - jeg savner dig!!!!
    For det andet er jeg SIKKER på at det kan lade sig gøre også at holde en ceremoni i Glumlov - bare for jer og de nærmeste! Hvis det virkelig er det du vil, og hvis det vil gøre dig lykkelig, er jeg sikker på, at det MÅ kunne lade sig gøre. Det egentlige bryllup vil naturligvis være i Cali, men mon ikke I kan få en kirkelig velsignelse i kirken i Sverige? Det ville jeg altså undersøge hvis jeg var dig!

    Big hugs Merete

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