Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crap Cakes!

OK, what just happened...? I just spent 20 minutes trying to log in to this blog. First I was told I had the wrong password (strange!). So I tried a whole bunch of times, still pretty sure that I knew my password since I type it in every day (right?). Then I got redirected to another email address (what?), and then when I managed to change the password, I somehow got logged in as a follower of my own blog (huh?).

I made crabcakes today. They weren't awful, but I was a bit thrown off by the distinct lack of mayonnaise. (I was just as confident about the presence of mayonnaise, as I was about the password to this blog... strike two...) Then to make matters worse, I made the rookie mistake of not reading the directions all the way through before dumping all the ingredients in a bowl. In went the breadcrumbs. Then I read "form the mixture into patties and roll in the breadcrumbs". I was at a loss as to what "additional" breadcrumbs the recipe was talking about. Damn it. I suppose it could have been worse. A few extra breadcrumbs never killed anyone. But I'll admit, with all those internal breadcrumbs, the patties were a bit resistant to also being covered in breadcrumbs. Alas, I barreled onward, making this weird sauce out of NOT mayonnaise. I combined sour cream, buttermilk, ketchup, mustard, lemon juice, and some random spices. Not very good, but could at least visually pass for "sauce appropriate for the likes of crab cakes."

I feel like I am leaving something out...something culinary. What else did I make today? Oh yes- how could I forget...this morning's craptastic buckwheat pancakes. The only thing that made them worthy of the title "pancakes" was the fact that they were made in a pan. The appearance of the batter was "wet sand". The texture of the finished pancakes made me think maybe I could maybe pitch it to NASA, as shuttle engine insulation. The only salvation? I threw in some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Terence however, seemed to have no major problem with my NASA Chocolate Insulation Cakes. I think he is just happy that I am showing interest in cooking again! But seriously, lesson learned. Buckwheat went out of style in the 50's because it's disgusting. End of story.

You know, I do make good pancakes. And after today, I've concluded that if you are doing a diet, like we are, don't try to mess with the things you love. In a way it's like make up. If you're gonna spend money, spend it on foundation. If you wear cheap foundation, it's bad for your skin, looks crappy in photos, and starts smudging after 5 to 6 hours. But spend 60 bucks at Chanel or Dior, and it will most likely feel and look great. Eyeliner, however? 99 cents at the drug store. Nobody will ever know the difference. Now back to the diet. Use lean meat. Make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower, use splenda...but when it comes to pancakes, cookies, and desserts? Chanel, all the way.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! I tried to hint to Terence this whole week that Amelia, Littles, Chloe and Kosmo might "need some help" preparing for Mother's Day, since they have no thumbs, and don't really have any money for hallmark cards or anything. Plus, they are terrible spellers. But it's 8pm, and I think my hinting fell on deaf ears. Sadness. Hrmph! Maybe next year I'll just have to start hinting earlier, maybe around Easter. Or maybe I should give 'em all a second chance, as Swedish Mother's Day isn't till the end of the month...are you reading this Terence??

Amelia smells. It's bath time. We played outside today, doing more jumping. She is so awesome. Hopefully the agility kit will arrive tomorrow, so I don't have to lug the wine racks outside everytime we want to practice...

Last night we went to our buddy Travis' New Music Concert at Brandeis. I must say, it was awesome! I have so much respect for composers. Travis' piece was very intricate, yet excellently tied together, showing true compositional talent. "New Music" can be very challenging to listen to, and on occassion can end up sounding like it was just a bunch of sounds thrown together. The true mark of genius to me, is making unconventional ideas work together to still sounds like something. Yesterday's concert was all around great, but Travis' work was particularly memorable. Lauren's cake was memorable too! It looked like a real snare drum! It was crazy! She is so talented! People literally didn't dare touch it, it looked so good!

Talked to Mom today. She had been to visit her aging aunt in the old folks home. This is the aunt who is convinced that I've given birth to twins, sometime in the past year. Mom set her straight last time she visited, but today, she was at it again - asking how they were doing. Geesh. Maybe I should have mom bring her aunt a photo of Amelia and Little Man, and next time she asks about the her how hairy and adorable they are.

I think I've decided to blondify myself again. Scary. But better to do it now right? As opposed to a week before the wedding?

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