Saturday, May 8, 2010

Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom!!

I finally did it! I quit "that-company-I-can't-mention-by-name-as-they-have-forbidden-employees-to-have-negative-opinions-in-a-gross-effort-to-supress-free-speech". (Hint: This company claims to be one of the top three companies in America to work for. Google it?) After an enormous fiasco where I was treated pretty badly by both a co-worker and a terrible manager, I took the evening to contemplate. It was definitely time. In a little chat on Thursday, the manager told me that I needed to make like a trillion dollars per hour in order to be "safe", in spite of my "improvements". So in short, the false accusations plus the worthless schedule, plus the threat of termination...quitting was a pretty good option, right? I feel amazingly free. I highly recommend this feeling for anybody who is considering leaving a bad situation where you are not appreciated. I did feel bad because I liked most my coworkers, and I just met some wonderful customers. I know I provided excellent customer service but sadly that doesn't really seem to matter in that department. I called our assistant manager to tell her that I will miss her and that she is doing a great job. She is really a wonderful leader and motivator, and a stark contrast to our largely incompetent and manic-depressive manager.

I called HR in the morning, and was pretty emotional. They listened to what I had to say which was nice. I am still contemplating sending a letter to higher management in hopes that it can alert the right people that our store is falling significantly short of their vision for a "great company to work for". Ultimately, I'd like to think that I was just unlucky in terms of which store/department I ended up in. I have heard from others, not every place is like this, which is a small comfort.

Just to make the situation hilarious, as I was talking to my coworker while in the grocery store...guess who turns the corner. Yep, the manager. She lives in my apartment complex, but I've never seen her there, OR in the grocery store. But of course, the day I quit, there she is, like the ghost of employment past...I quickly shoved my head into napkin section on the nearest shelf. Not exactly the first person I'd want to see under the given circumstances. Thank god for those napkins. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

It's great to have to not go in for my shift today. It would have been 2:30pm to 10:30pm. Instead I am home with my wonderful fiance, and all our animals. Had a great night's sleep, and was awakened by an awesome thunder and lightning storm, which was very cool. Then I made us some South Beach Diet approved Asparagus and Ham omlettes with spinach and goat cheese. They were good, but I have a hard time eating savory stuff for breakfast. Although overall, I am getting a good handle on my usual cravings...all I wanted today was a Nutella and Strawberry Waffle with whipped cream. But hey, two weeks ago I would have thought it the end of the world, and been really upset that I couldn't have it. Now at least I don't feel so dramatically about the matter. And that is perhaps the most important change this diet has brought.

It was a good day indeed, yesterday. Following my resignation from NoNamestrom, I hung out with Mariel on the lawn for at least 2 hours, and Bella and Amelia got some serious outdoor time. The weather was amazing, and I soaked up some Vitamin D, which I know would please my doctors. I showed Mariel, and our darling 85 year old upstairs neighbour lady sitting on her balcony, what Amelia has been doing in Puppy Agility Class. I set up a hurdle with a broom and an empty wine nerdy am I... but it was fun! Both Bella and Amelia were such good dogs! (And yes, after we came inside, I did order the Agility Starter Kit for Amelia...)

Last night we saw Bill Burr in Boston, and it was a riot. I am a sceptic when it comes to comedy shows. There has to be brains behind the jokes for me to have a good time. But last night was great! Sure, there were some drunk-ass losers there who didn't hear the jokes because they were roaring like buffalos for no reason...but Bill Burr was funny as hell! Even the guy who opened for him was awesome! I had never heard of either of them, so thank you Terence for a great evening!

And now...? Back to my cozy rainy Saturday. I'll get some reading done. If Chloe will get off the bookstack. Catch up on some television. We've got a great line-up: Rules of Engagement, a movie or two, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, LOST...snuggling with the kitties and the Muffin...maybe I'll bake some chocolate cookies later. To give away of course.... ;-)


  1. The only downside is the eventual reality that comes're also free of a paycheck. Toddy

  2. A paycheck so miniscule that it's only function was to keep me from making money on teaching....
    And either way, at the moment, my towering medical costs are indeed so towering that no amount of attainable paycheck would even make a dent. That's the downside!