Monday, May 3, 2010

Manic Monday!

I'm not feeling too chatty today...But that is not a bad thing! I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday and the day before, so today is an improvement. I wasn't at work yesterday, and whoa, did that do wonders for the psyche! I feel refreshed, detoxified, and what-have-you. I now realize more than ever that I simply can't torture myself by staying at that job any longer.

And there is something else that has cheered me up! Although I didn't realize this, the wedding planning was really getting me down. I have always had a vision of what my wedding would entail, and there was just a lot of "not possible", and "well, compromise" happening. Too much in fact. Well, now I've found my compromise. We will have a joyous grand party in the fall, and we'll be wed before friends and family...and then next summer, we'll do it all again, in a little white swedish church, as I've dreamed. It will be as swedish as can be, and I won't feel like I had to give up who I am, in order to have a functional wedding. And another dream of mine? Taking adorable wedding photos on a yellow tandem bike on Hven, as we cruise through the fields beneath the bluest sky in the world! And to top it all off, all this, while marrying the most wonderful man in the world! I mean SERIOUSLY, what guy do you know that would take such care to cook delicious meals, in support of our diet? Clean the bathroom, do the laundry, FOLD the laundry?? Walk the dog when I don't feel well? He is one of a kind, that's for sure. (OK, enough bragging!)

Easy day today. Playing with Amelia, snuggling with the cats, trying not to eat things NOT on the diet, teaching a lesson in half an hour, then a quick bite with upstairs neighbour, before puppy agility class! I don't know why I'm so cheery today...I sound manic! I am really just envisioning my life without a certain dreadful, torturous job...and it's making me giggle like a schoolgirl!

I had a break in my insurance troubles today! I got a reply from my tax guy, who told me he is going to give me the papers I requested tomorrow. That will be the last puzzle piece (hopefully) in getting some financial aid for the outrageously expensive MS meds. And hopefully I can get started with those in the somewhat near future.

How long are we going to have to boil our water? And why are there so many mixed messages about the "water emergency"? Some people are saying it doesn't affect our town...but then why would every store be sold out of bottled water? This makes no sense.

Sharks won again last night! Libby and Barb came over for dinner, which is always a good time! I can't wait to try out some new recipes on them in the coming weeks! Haha! Ooo, I should see if they are interested in the Boston Water Taxi Doggie tour! Apparently this boat takes dogs and their owners to this uninhabited island where the dogs can play, and we can picnic etc. Sounds amazingly fun to get a group together!

I feel like an ass for missing dad's birthday yesterday. I had the time difference wrong between here and Malaysia. I thought they were behind us, twelve hours, but turns out they guessed it! Twelve hours ahead. Ugh. To add to my incompetence, I sent the birthday cards kind of late...oh well. I miss my dad. :-(

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