Sunday, May 23, 2010

Speed Limit As Posted

The following is an unpaid advertisement for "the Furminator".

We have been less than diligent these past few weeks, about brushing our cats. And by "weeks", I mean "years". I vaguely remember using a furminator once before...but I don't recall ever owning one. Terence bought one a few days ago, so today I tried it out on Littles. He immediately adored the attention, and the fur-removing sensation. And I swear, even after 30 minutes of brushing him, each brush stoke was delivering half a handfull of hair. There was enough fur to create at least 4 new cats. Littles now looks at least 4 lbs thinner!

LOST, the final episode, is on. I don't know what to think. It has been a phenomenon in ridiculousness, I'll give them that. And I suppose if they do manage to wrap this up in a non-stupid manner, I will be impressed. Oh, look... everyone who was dead, is now alive. And making out with each other. Wow.

I cleaned the guest bathroom today! Seems like a lame thing to be excited about, but seriously...the way I was feeling? It was a big deal. I feel like my left leg has a cement cast on it. I think today, for the first time in my life really, MS feels real. At one point this afternoon, I wanted to lie down, right on the carpet in the hallway, and just stay there, eyes closed. I feel slow, and my hands have been fumbling. I hope I can wake up tomorrow, and things will be better. Today was rough.

As Terence and I were driving to the airport to pick up Lauren and Travis today, I noticed this sign at the toll station. "Speed limit as posted." Why would that sign ever be necessary? Wouldn't it have been better to NOT have that stupid sign, and instead POST the speed limit? When is the speed limit NOT as posted?

So yes, Toby's parents came home today, and he is home. It was certainly an experience to have a little mini houseguest for a week! He was very sweet and loving, albeit, a barky guy at sleepy-time! I think he had a lot of fun, and Amelia did too! We practiced our agility stuff, snuggled on the couch, chased around on the grass...I am going to miss the little guy! Time to catch up on some sleep, haha!

Lauren and Travis brough us back this awesome cookbook! I can not wait to start making some of those dishes! It might have to wait a little bit, and I'll have to pace myself...the weight loss has been going well, but I could be better about it. I spend all my time being jealous of Terence because he is so diciplined. He does his work out every single day, as if his life depended on it...and I TRY to, but I have a hard time motivating myself when my leg is numb, and all these other things feel wrong with my body. I should just stop making excuses and do the best I can given the circumstances. Maybe I'll go back to Phase I again tomorrow. That should get rid of some extra pounds.

Wish me luck tomorrow! At 9am I have an appointment with a voice therapist, to try to salvage my singing voice. I need to remember to bring quarters, since my last trip resulted in a parking ticket.

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