Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taxis & Night Terrors

I feel quite content. Terence is at his Tuesday meeting tonight, so I decided to indulge a bit. I ordered myself a hawaiian pizza, poured myself a coke, and cozied up on the couch to watch the Law & Order marathon. From the moment I was done eating, I've had a snuggly Toby on my lap. In fact, he is still there, hidden under a blanket, and it's hard to type like this! I tried moving him gently, and he would drag his sleepy head, blink a few times, and mosey right back to my lap. Adorable.

Met with a new student today, and it went pretty well. I've been pretty impressed with the number of studets that this Music company has made available. It's strange to work for an "online" music school, but I have to say, it's working a hell of a lot better than the Academies I've signed contracts with. I am still baffled that music school in this state all seem to run on academic semester schedules. It doesn't make any sense to do private lessons that way- overly complicated. It's been ONE year since I got "hired" by the academy in Lexington. I have 4 students there. Total. And yet they expect me to keep "availability", in case more students come along? How about not hiring me, unless there are students to teach?? Then I got hired in Newton. But apparently, like the Lexington school, there won't be any students for me until fall. What on earth are these people expecting me to do in the meantime? Twiddle my thumbs, while making no money? Awesome.

Now I have another interview for a different school on Friday. I have kind of lost faith that this one will be "different"...but...I feel like I should at least check it out. The person running it is at least not Russian. I am discovering that Russian pianists who run music academies and I, don't necessarily get along. Cultural differences? Anyway, it's hard to know exactly how to proceed with getting more students, pending Terence's job situation. If we need to move, I don't necessarily want to drive an hour every single day, for just a student or two. I also don't want to (nor can I, by contract) abandon the students I have acquired thus far. Getting life, location, students, parents, traffic, and finances to all line up? Tricky, indeed.

I saw Laurin on Sunday! She is so much fun, seriously. We went with Terence to Thai food, but he got called in to work halfway though. We were counting on him not being gone very long, so he took the car to the clinic. After dinner, Laurin and I went to get some ice cream. (I was convinced that there is something wrong with my tastebuds. The butterscotch seriously tasted like RUM.) And here is where the night got odd. We eventually wanted to go home. Terence was still at work. (and as much as we like ice cream, they don't offer overnight accomodations at the ice cream parlor.) So we called a cab. The guy who picked up the phone sounded a little ... "off". He was mumbling unintelligibly, as I tried repeatedly to give him our pick-up address. Finally, he huffed that "it would be 20 minutes." At least that's what it sounded like.

40 minutes passed, and then the driver called. (Now, I am seriously suspecting that the guy on the phone and the driver were the same person, because they were both practically impossible to understand.) Either way, the driver says he is at "52 Massachusetts Avenue", and is wondering where we are. I tell him that we are at "1752". Not "52". He starts making a fuss and grumbling, tells me to "wait", that he is "on his way", and hangs up. Right then, Terence calls. He's done at work, and on his way home, offering to pick us up. At this point, both Laurin and I are a bit weirded out that a cab is taking forever, and getting lost. Plus we don't want to sit in the ice cream parlor anymore! So we tell Terence to come get us. Here is my FAVORITE PART of the night. I called the cab driver, and told him not to come. That it had simply taken too long, and that our original ride had finally shown up. I guess I was sort of expecting a "thanks for letting me know", since we technically are under no obligation to wait for a CAB that was busy getting lost. Instead, the guy starts yelling at me. He goes on about how it's not fair, that I wasted his gas money, and now he drove all this way for nothing. He got super hostile and kept repeating that he'll remember my number. He seemed to think I called to make other arrangements AFTER I spoke with him the first time, just to be an ass. I asked him "WHY would I CALL you to let you know, and save you the extra distance? I could have just left without telling you! All we know is that we called a Waltham cab, and we are in WALTHAM, and it's been close to an hour, and you've gotten lost. I didn't realize the ticker starts running the moment we place a call...and where the hell were you dispatched from? New York??" I was fuming. Great to know I can never call a cab in Waltham again. Ugh!

Breathe. Let it go. OK. Done.

Our cats are serious terrorists. I was wide awake between the hours of 1am and 5am this morning. Here is what happens.
11:30pm - Toby is not happy in his crate, so we move his crate next to Amelia's crate. His barking becomes reduced to whining. Amelia could care less. Terence is snoring. Cats are still.
12:07am - Toby is silent. Everything is silent. I fall asleep.
1:30am - Kosmo comes into bed and hurls his massive body weight onto us, purring at roughly the decibel volume of a circle-saw.
1:45am - Enter Little Man. Throws HIS massive body onto us, scaring off Kosmo in the process.
1:47am - Kosmo retaliates by scratching at some invisible thing over by Terence's nightstand. 1:50am - Chloe begins snoring really, really loudly.
2:30am - Kosmo steps on my head. Little Man falls off the bed.
3:10am - Little Man steps on my head. Kosmo falls off the bed. Chloe begins 15 minute litterbox dig. Repeat this particular sequence for the next 55 minutes.
4:05am - Cats wake up Toby. Toby begins crying. Amelia could care less. Cat acrobatics have not ceased, or even slowed.
4:06am - I sit up, and say something to the effect of "I can't take this anymore" and break into hyperventilation. Terence kicks all three cats out, one by one, closes bedroom door, and tells me to lie back down.
4:07am - I am convinced the guest bedroom is open and Little Man is going to eat everything fabric and plastic in that room. Terence goes to check. Terence returns, closes door.
4:08am - Kosmo begins loud meowing and clawing at closed door. Toby's crying escalates to barking.
4:30am - I open door to let feline guerrilas in. I feed them, in an attempt to buy their cooperation. I exit the room. I open the dog crates. Toby ejects himself like a bat out of hell. Amelia is still sleeping, doesn't get why we are up at 4:30am. I take them out to pee. Amelia is still asleep.
4:45am - Both dogs fall asleep on the couch. I watch infomercials.
5:30am - I fall asleep.
6:30am - Terence leaves for work. I sleepwalk back into the bedroom. Dogs in crates. Cats asleep in their beds.

The end.

Right now it's 9:45pm. I anticipate the circus is due to begin again soon. Speaking of, where the heck is my fiance?!

And another random question before my computer shuts down...why is there no power running through my laptop charger? The same thing was happening earlier, and I switched outlets. It worked for a bit, and now it's not working again. Very strange.

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