Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Weddings and a Charlie Horse!

Why do I love "Law and Order" so much? It's such a creepy show. I think I love it because it's such a loyal companion, always there. Terence just dropped me and Amelia off at home, after getting called into work for the second time today. Barb had a BBQ today, and we didn't even get there till 6pm because of the first work emergency. And now at 10pm, the second emergency. Oh well. It was time for me to go home anyway, I am exhausted and was starting to cough. I felt bad for everyone else though, people were having a nice time, the fire-pit was going, and the dogs were calming down from a good three hours of intense play.

I can barely hear the "Law and Order" dialogue over Amelia gnawing on her rawhide.

My voice is coming back. YAY! I think the vocal therapy helped. The doctor gave me a "new way to breathe", it was very interesting. Anyway, the voice is not 100%, and now on top of it all I have acquired a nasty cold. I'm hacking up a lung. But at least I think there is hope for next weeks singing gig.

Still no feeling in my legs. Boo! They feel super strange, tingly, but painful, and yet numb at the same time. I can't figure out how to describe it. I do feel a bit unsteady, but so far they are still functional legs. Still don't have my medicine. Sigh.

I'm now going to brag for a moment about Amelia. Earlier today when Terence got called in to work, and we had to turn the car around, I started craving cookies. But I was definitely feeling fatigued, and was not too eager to drive to the store for cookie dough. So, for whatever reason I think baking from scratch is the less energy consuming option...until half-way through I realize I have no sugar. So, off to the store. I didn't want to have to put Amelia away in her crate for such a short trip, so when she though I was gonna take her for a walk, I gave her the "down-stay" command. I figured as soon as I closed the door behind me, she'd mosey over to the couch, or to her bed. I came home about 25 or 30 minutes later. Imagine my surprise when there she was, STILL in the down-stay position. She literally had not moved an inch! I was shocked! I gave her a treat, and she STILL didn't move. Of course! I forgot that we have a release word for a down-stay. She was waiting for me to tell her "all done!" When I finally realized that, and gave her the command, she glared at me, took a treat, and flopped down in her bed!

And to bring the story full-circle...the cookies turned out ok! Of course, the moment I was about to put them in the oven, Terence showed up and was ready to go. Typical timing! I threw the dough in a bowl, and brough it to the party. Then I realized I had forgotten to put in vanilla extract. WHY does that always happen? I always read the WHOLE recipe, and still somehow, I manage to leave out ONE damn ingredient. Usually it's something that's impossible to add after the other ingredients have been mixed. Luckily, adding vanilla wasn't too hard.

Have I mentioned today how lovely it is to be free of that god-awful Nordstrom job? It's awesome. I am convinced that place is responsible for this episode that's got me numb from the waist down. Since I quit, I've gotten a lot of new piano/voice students, started volunteering at the Accelerated Cure Project office, and gotten to actually see friends and socialize! Amazing. How was it possible for a measely 15 hour/week no-brainer retail job to be so detrimental to my entire LIFE?

Mom is being a busy bee back in Sweden. Since we made the decision to have a second wedding, she is going nuts with planning BOTH weddings. Here I was, thinking a nice traditional ceremony in the church, followed by a SIMPLE reception in the afternoon, in the community hall, or something. But no. Mom has already sent me links to "cakes", and is asking about the "band", and talking about possible "appropriate" reception halls. She seems to have a very set idea of what a wedding should be like. :-) Sometimes I think it's stressful, but then I remind myself that this is an exciting time for a mom. Our relationship has definitely improved recently. We talked today about how hard it is to find a good guy in this world. I am very, very lucky. I have great parents, and a great fiance. Great friends, and great pets. My health COULD be better, but all in all, I'm doing ok! So, cheers to that! Speaking of "Cheers", I am looking forward to our first glass of wine in over a month! I think we'll open up the Ridge 2005 Zinfandel, before it passes it's prime. Apparently the '07 Zins are what's hot. We better start catching up!

I'm signing off. I have a toe cramp! Goodnight!

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