Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reluctant update!

Where the heck have I been? Good question.

Lots has happened. I've been to CA and back, started the new MS injections, stopped the new MS injections, and started them again. Terence got a new job, I signed with a new Music Academy, Amelia finished Agility Training Class, Mom came to visit on her way back from Sweden...

I haven't felt much like writing recently. I can't see very well. My eyes seem to bounce around, causing vertigo and general blurriness. I'm frustrated and confused as to why I can't just feel....WELL?! Just for a little bit? Then, on top of that, I feel guilty for feeling bad, since I know things could ALWAYS be worse. Maybe it's the weather that's making me so crabby.

Daily injections are an adjustment. The injection itself is pretty easy, and the only time I get overwhelmed is when I think of the fact that there is no end in sight. It's not a temporary thing, and that is hard to get used to.

On that note, I do have more to say, but still don't quite feel like writing. I'll try again later.


  1. sorry you were down for the count. It was good to briefly see you and order a salad with no cheese+fried chicken strips. That waitress was a bitch

  2. Haha, I just saw that comment today! Awesome. I must have signed up for "please don't notify me when someone cares". Figures. That waitress WAS a bitch.