Thursday, July 22, 2010

Early Morning Victory!

Can I brag?? Thanks.

Being someone who always has major issues with computers, phones, printers, I am extra super proud to report that in the past 7 hours I have:

  • Fixed my browser speed
  • Removed unnecessary start-up programs
  • Cleaned excess clutter, and lastly
  • Banished "Internet EXPLODER" from my life
I have also come to realize that I probably have a mild case of Optic Neuritis in my left eye. It's been feeling like it's wanting to shut (but apparently not looking like it, thankfully?), and been kind of painful to move around...but after the past few weeks, I wasn't really even registering that kind of pain. Interesting. It literally just hit me now, that I remembered the sensation from back in 2004. Sucks!

The state of Indiana is abbreviated "IN". I know this now. I did not know that when addressing an envelope last night. But as I was drifting off to sleep I reached over to turn off the light, and there it was. A random address of a jewelry store on the back of a bridal magazine. INDIANA = IN. Grrrr. In an attempt to not have to waste a million dollar envelope, I am altering how state abbreviations are written. INDIANA is now... "IND". If the postman can't figure it out (either by that, or the fact that the city is Indianapolis!) then so be it.

Where is my mom? She always picks up her phone, but didn't last night. I'd try again, but it's way too early on the West Coast.

The to-do list is long today. I'm still way behind on LIFE, from being sick. Sue and Brian are coming over for dinner, which I'm really looking forward to! But before that, let's see if we can't cancel that wayward United Flight, switch car insurance, scoop some litterboxes, furminate some animals, do some laundry, get my work-out in, and...maybe remember all those other things that I have just now forgotten.

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