Monday, October 25, 2010

Ann & the Blog - the Reunion Tour!!

So many things have happened since this failed blogger last blogged! I'm going to make a list for maximum impact! In no particular order, in the past month I have...

  • Married Terence

  • Organized my life into Google Calendar

  • Traveled to Utah

  • Assembled and installed shelves in the laundry room

  • Gone Apple Picking

  • Fallen off the curb at San Francisco Airport and sprained my ankle

  • Celebrated with too many White Russians to notice sprained ankle

  • Sobered up and been unpleasantly surprised by a sprained ankle

  • Made Scandinavian Sour Cream Apple Pie....twice

  • Read lots of Donald Duck Comics

  • Worked out

  • Been stuck in a thunderstorm in Las Vegas

  • Had double vision, which has yet to resolve.

  • Eaten the best tasting ice cream ever

  • Lost track of what programs the DVR is recording/not recording

  • Tried making donuts with my new deep fryer

Let's stop there. We are just talking about ONE month after all, so I don't want to overwhelm you with my activities.

Terence and I had a lovely wedding! I must say, working as hard as I did with every paid off. I think everyone had a great time, the cake arrived in one piece thanks to Monica and Jeff, the food was fantastic, Amelia did a great job being a ring-bearer...and I got to marry the most wonderful, kind, handsome, generous, responsible, pro-active, and competent man I know.

I got some wonderful messages today, from Peace and Paws Dog Rescue (the people who run the transport that shuttles adopted animals from down south, and delivers them to their new homes up north) and from Linda, the lady who saved her from the kill shelter in Indiana, and took care of her and her siblings up to the point of adoption. Yesterday, I sent some photos of Amelia at the wedding, and they sent lovely messages back. I am really so touched by how much these people care about each and every dog they have helped. I am eternally grateful that they brought Amelia to us, because she makes everyday wonderful. We are so lucky to have such a perfect little muffin. I know I'm probably a bit obsessed with my dog, but no more so than people are with their kids...and my dog certainly is much more pleasant on an airplane than any child I've ever met... :-)

I'm so stoked about the Holidays. I have drawn up preliminary plans for a flash-production of "Christmas in the Ballroom, Boston 2010". I finally am starting to feel relaxed and organized enough to consider singing. Usually, my head is full of concert ideas from morning till night, with details ranging from repetoir to reception napkins, but I just haven't been feeling it. Of course, planning a wedding took up a good chunk of my time, and the MS episode earlier this year, really too the wind out of my sails in a big way. But just a few days ago, the visions started returning, about a holiday show, and a springtime Songs of Hope. I've already thought of possible venues, performers, advertising...and now that I have a friend who bakes the most amazing cakes in the world....a special cake for each event! Complete with a stack of her business cards, of course!

Terence is working the overnight. I haven't learned how to SLEEP when he isn't here, haha. I instead I'm sitting here, blogging, surrounded by animals that looked like they all suddenly passed out right where they were sitting, all at once. 75% of them snore something awful.

Winter is almost here. Can't wait.