Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stick a Needle in my Eye!

I figured out what needs to happen. I need to write myself a THEME SONG! Specifically, a song I can perform at the next Songs of Hope, which will be making its Boston debut this spring. I just need to write something that is personally meaningful, poignant, hilarious, musically brilliant, educational, lyrically genius... pokes fun at the backwards healthcare system, while at the same time NOT disrespecting amazing medical advances? AND, will get people to open their wallets. (AND that will get me into all those expensive fundraising gala-events that no person with MS can actually afford to attend, since all their money goes to medical bills!) That's hard to write lyrics when one has a crappy memory. Maybe that's what the song should be about. ("I wrote a funny, clever song, I wrote it last November. About how fun MS can be...but now I can't remember! The end...)

I got poked and prodded in the eye today. I've had double/triple vision for a few weeks now. It started as fuzzy vision, and the doctor prescribed glasses...but that didn't seem to be the real problem. So while everything IS sharper...there is still at least two of whatever I'm looking at. It's really quite hard to decipher what exactly is happening, when it pertains to vision. They did lots of tests. Some were fun, and some were not. The ones that were like video games were fun. The ones that involved poking and prodding...were not.

It rained all day today. I liked it. I hope it means the snow is coming soon. I am so ready for it. I know it will be dreadful though, trying to get to all my students on those remote forest roads. I should probably invest in snow tires. And non-perishable foods to keep in my car. Plus extra jackets and blankets. And I should also pin-point the exact location of my AAA card, and probably purchase a roadside assistance kit. (And possibly some kind of weapon with which to murder any potential murderers!?!)

My students were extra exhausting today. Normally it's my "easy day", but one student especially was uber super extra insane. He took the lid of his white grand piano and slammed it shut at least three times. His mom doesn't care. I told him if it happens again I am going to super-glue his hands to the top of the lid, so he'd be stuck there forever, unable to actually PLAY the piano, and instead the only thing he could listen to would be the slamming of that piano lid. For all of eternity. He proceeded to play "Ode to Joy" at record speed.

I am going to go think about having dessert. Early lessons tomorrow. I bought an electric heating mattress cover for the bed today. I bet the cats are going to love it. Not like they don't already take up 76% of the bed...and they aren't small. I realized the other day that Kosmo isn't just eating his own food, but everyone else's as well. That explains his subtle physical expansion, and Chloe and LittleMan's growing discontent. Must come up with a plan to fix this.

And did I mention....GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES! Pah-POW! And a delightful win for the Quakes this evening as well. It's a good season for California sports!

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