Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reluctant update!

Where the heck have I been? Good question.

Lots has happened. I've been to CA and back, started the new MS injections, stopped the new MS injections, and started them again. Terence got a new job, I signed with a new Music Academy, Amelia finished Agility Training Class, Mom came to visit on her way back from Sweden...

I haven't felt much like writing recently. I can't see very well. My eyes seem to bounce around, causing vertigo and general blurriness. I'm frustrated and confused as to why I can't just feel....WELL?! Just for a little bit? Then, on top of that, I feel guilty for feeling bad, since I know things could ALWAYS be worse. Maybe it's the weather that's making me so crabby.

Daily injections are an adjustment. The injection itself is pretty easy, and the only time I get overwhelmed is when I think of the fact that there is no end in sight. It's not a temporary thing, and that is hard to get used to.

On that note, I do have more to say, but still don't quite feel like writing. I'll try again later.