Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Hospice!

Any publicity is good publicity right? And that's all I have to say about that...PS. Has anyone seen the new Planet Fitness commercial? Very funny. Those writers probably read my blog.

Work was good today, until a student's younger brother tripped and hit his head on the piano bench. Scary! I was so afraid he had smashed his glasses...but luckily he seemed ok. His mom was rocking him back and forth, and I did the only think that made sense to me...asked him about trains. He quickly forgot about crying. :-)

Our Christmas Tree is looking sad. I think Terence is trying to murder Christmas. He keeps telling me that he's watered the tree, but I am not sure he is being 100% honest. It's definitely not doing well. I think I'll take it in tomorrow, and maybe run some tests?

Someone parked in our new spot, outside our garage today, so that not only could we not use that spot, but we also could not get into our garage. I considered leaving a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to Chili's. Because I'm nice. But instead, I took a few deep breaths, hunted down a crap parking stop that we obviously AREN'T paying good money for, and parked. I smiled at the delinquent car as passed it on my way inside. The license plate said Texas, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

I forgot to take my MS injection today! Wah! At least I THINK I forgot. But I'm not sure....crap. Is it better to take one today, or wait till tomorrow? I don't know what might happen if I take too much of this stuff....! Better wait till tomorrow. I guess this is what the journal is for...but, hello...how am I going to remember to use the journal?? Hopeless!

I'm going to bed. Here is a picture of Littles in a Box. It's my nod to Saturday night live...get it? Of course you do.

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