Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sad Face/Sad Arm

I just bought Amelia a snow suit! Hopefully this is antidote to those pesky arm-pit snowballs she gets. She loves the snow so much, but can't stay in it too long because of it latching on to her longish fur. She may feel and look like a deep-sea diver...but she will be unstoppable!!!

My healthy spell, I fear, has come to an abrupt end. It was a good few weeks while it lasted, and man, I miss the feeling of being "normal" already. :-(
I have discovered a diagnostic problem with having a numb hand/arm. Everything you touch...feels numb. It took me a while today to figure out what exactly was happening, but I think I've nailed it down. Yesterday my thumb was numb. As fun as that rhyme is, the sensation is really not fun. Imagine my dissappointment as today went on, and the numbness spread to my whole arm, down my side, and now most notably, the left side of my face. At first I thought it was because I was touching the left side of my face with my already numb left hand, but alas. Upon closer examination...I can't feel anything. :-(

I am frustrated with my doctors. I have had high bloodpressure for YEARS now. It's 153/100 today. Given those factors - Is it so insane to worry when suddenly your left arm and face go to sleep, accompanied by an odd headache? I hesitated to even contact a doctor, because I have MS. When I emailed my primary care physician, she replied exactly as I had expected - "I'd be more worried about MS being the culprit". How about you let my neurologist deal with THAT, and YOU address me as a 31 year old female with inexplicable stage II hypertension, experiencing sudden numbness? Seriously. I am paranoid that because MS can be "anything", they are going to miss something "non-MS", that's actually dangerous. I hate having a "blanket-disease". How am I supposed to get doctors to pay attention to me, without being a hypocondriac? You'd think, that with a disease as complex and undefineable as MS, they wouldn't be so quick to shove you into a box.

I went ahead and contacted my original Boston Neurologist. I like my current one, but fact is, I only went to her because I couldn't get a hold of the other guy. His secretary really dropped the ball when I was having a major episode. Now I'm having second thoughts. I feel like at this new hospital, I'm not being taken seriously. (I never actually put that feeling into words before. I am now realizing that is exactly what's going on.) They did help me regain my legs, etc....but they aren't doing much to make me feel comfortable with the medication, or entertaining my ideas for disease management. So now we'll see if my original guy will indulge my request for a second opinion appointment.

Enough about my sad arm, and my sad half-face!

The blizzard was awesome, and really relaxing! It was so beautiful to watch the snow falling, and amazing to think how powerful these sweet little innocent flakes can be, when they group together!

Oh my god. I just realized that my Copaxone injections were due to arrive today. They didn't. (We did get a giant and fabulous Calphalon 7-quart pan, which in my book is 10 times better than a box full of needles.) It's a bit scary to think about where the meds are at this very moment...on a truck? In a warehouse?

In other news, I now have MA plates! And I must say that going to the Registry of Motor Vehicles here, was a breeze. My wait time to register my car was "3 minutes", and my wait time for getting a MA license was "0 min". I had set aside 3 hours, based on previous adventures at the DMV back in CA. In what seemed like 5 minutes I was out the door, and getting a lovely pedicure. It had been a long time since the last one, I realized, as the woman removed the last tiny little line of peachy pink from my WEDDING pedicure. :-)

Tomorrow, if I have time, which I probably won't...I want to discuss with myself why it is that things are not funny unless they are negative in some way. I don't mean ill-spirited, or brutal. But undeniably, humor comes from conflict, doesn't it?

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