Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oatmeal Riot

OK, NOW pissed. I had a perfectly good blog entry. I made sure it was auto-saving. I clicked "publish".

Where IS it??????

I can't take this anymore. What do I need to DO to my &*^%#^&-ing computer to get it to NOT SUCK SO BAD??? I keep doing things, and losing them!

I guess the universe didn't think my oatmeal rant was important enough.

I am eating oatmeal. How did we come to this???
I am not ok with eating something that looks like it's already been eaten at least once.

I've been trying to figure out why I don't write in my blog when I don't feel good. I guess maybe I don't want to carry on about un-funny things? I don't know. I feel better now. The bizarre symptoms are still there, but I do FEEL better. The steroids did affect me a bit more this time, in terms of me being a crazy person. And thank you for the 13lb weight gain. Just as I had found the motivation to do a fitness challenge at the gym. I guess "obstacles" are supposed to "make us stronger", but really they are just making me mad.

I don't want to diet. Maybe if I call it a "riot" instead, I'll be more inclined to follow through. Things that involve conflict usually hold my attention better. (Look, anonymous commentor person! I'm self-reflecting!!) "No, I can't eat that...I'm on a riot".

I'm overwhelmed again. By the suckiness of my laptop. I better go before I lose this entry too, and end up hurling the router and the laptop into the garbage disposal.

And to you "problem - solvers" out there? Yes, I have adopted the practice of typing my blog entries elsewhere (like in a document), just so I don't permanently lose them in case of "error". Doesn't do much good when auto-recovery doesn't recover.

And now the oatmeal is cold.