Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So sifting through the blog log, I find an entry from June about how "my friend Lauren inspires me to blog" (which she does!), and how "we got a new dog!" (which we did!)

Somehow it didn't make it to publishing. This saddens me because both of those items are super awesome and important! So, thank you Lauren for always being an inspiration in every way! (Except in the "I carry around hundreds of unused giftcards" sense.)

And...welcome SARA! If I'd actually posted the first blog, you'd have been informed about our new addition back in June. (If I'd been a decent blogger, you'd have known about it in early MAY) It's now September. But anyhow, she is incredible, and wonderful, and dramatic, and beautiful...and tall. And she just stole 4 pieces of bacon from the counter. (Begin countdown to explosive bowel movement....T-8 hours?) We are so very happy that she and Amelia are best buds! Amelia likes nothing more than to bite Sara's long legs, while Sara desperately tries to play with toys. Amelia even goes so far as to drop random toys in Sara's path for distractionary purposes, making for optimal leg biting.

It was a tumultuous summer to say the least. New dog, new home, new MS symptoms and meds...trip to the Mayo's really only been these past 5-6 days that I've felt even a LITTLE BIT peaceful. (Yay plants!) It's probably also due to that Terence has been home, and we've had 4 awesome dinners together back to back, and actually gotten to spend some time together. Lots of playing with the pups at the field that we hijack from undeserving soccer players. Lots of home decorating/arranging - it's starting to finally feel like home.

Speaking of plants- let's revisit my previous entry from earlier today. (Woo-hoo, twice in one day!!) I was really excited about a box shelf that we put up to protect the small potted Polka Dot Plant from Little Man's  appetite for all things not intended for ingestion.

Well, our joy was short-lived. This afternoon we were trying to observe his behavior without him noticing...there he was, looking like a Bulgarian teen gymnast, with one leg on the counter, one on the wall, in a delicate balancing act...with his whole face shoved into the decorative cut-out of the shelf, chomping on the little plant.

So...Operation Photosynthesis...FAIL. :-( I just wanted the satisfaction of displaying something green!! Photosynthesis....DENIED!!!!!! AAAAAH!

And now, after a delicious gourmet grilled cheese brought forth by my Master Chef husband....a glass of wine and cookies. And...the movie "Cowboys and Aliens"? Forgive my question mark and general skepticism but seriously- Terence has chosen some real "retinal wreckers" recently....Time to launch "Operation Reclaim Netflix"!!!


  1. I'm glad you're blogging again!! I missed them! :) And yay Sara - such a fun addition to the Krentz household.

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