Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Blog" with a Side of "Ranting".

I'm not in love with this new TV series "Revolution". I have a hard time with female protagonists that have IQ's lower than 90. Just saying.

In plant-news!! I moved the hanging plant downstairs. I guess Terence was getting tired of feeling like he was showering on the set of  "the Ruins". We had an orchid scare with Littles and a guest leaving a door open, that made me rethink the plant-integration project. But since I naturally went overboard with the plants, now they are ALL housed in the downstairs guest bathroom. Good luck finding the toilet in there.

Today's "Great & Gross" is simple. Traffic was Gross. I was an hour late to my last lesson. I tried several detours but if it wasn't the freeway congestion, it was construction. The GPS was blowing up, because I wasn't taking ANY of her stupid suggestions. Instead I was following my own stupid suggestions.

Today's "Great" arrived in the form of SUPER YUMMY TACOS! Thanks to my hubby for having a great dinner ready when I eventually got home.

We are now on another episode of "Revolution" ...and it is getting worse.

I filed a complaint with the DA's office this morning against Father & Son Moving Company. It did feel quite good. I almost lost my mind back when they were in the process of screwing us over, so even if nothing comes of this...I feel like someone has heard me.

So...that concludes my blog for tonight. I'll save the story about "how I dropped a mechanical pencil down the back of my shirt and all the little led sticks went everywhere and it was very uncomfortable"....for another day.

PS, "Revolution" ....still sucks.

(Basically I don't want any hateful comments that prove that you are addicted to my awesome blog, in spite of yourself. If you're super pissed, maybe write your own blog?)

"My job is not to worry about those people..."  -Mitt Romney

We attended a fun "Debate Debacle Party" last night at our friend's Allyn and Peter's place. I feel compelled to mention these delicious salted caramels that one of the guests made. AMAZING.

So... like many others, I felt Obama was luke-warm last night, and we all wish he had had brought his A-game. I was impressed by Mitt Romney's speaking style. I was also stunned by how "suddenly moderate" he seemed. And I was royally pissed off at the lies he is feeding the American people about the deficit. I'm no mathematician, but neither are the Republicans apparently. Even if I DIDN'T disagree with most everything he proposes to do with this country- I'd be scared. (After last night it doesn't even seem like he'd be able to live up to the promises he's made to the Republicans to screw over the Democrats!!) As Obama put it, albeit 12 hours too late "Who WAS that man I met yesterday?" Yes, I wish Obama had been more with it last night - but I'm happy that at least I know where he stands, and isn't going to change his mind about important things just to get elected.

I entertained myself tonight by imagining Romney in a foreign policy crisis. The debate should be more like a game show in my opinion- give both candidates a hypothetical scenario:

"Syria is launching missiles into Turkey, accidentally, or otherwise- what would YOU do!?"

I imagine Romney would, without giving specifics of course, say that it's not America's problem. But then maybe by the end of the commercial break, he'd have launched the entire army. But maybe before Obama gets a chance to answer, Romney will interrupt the game show host, to recall the army.

Oh wait...this is not a hypothetical scenario. It's happening right now.

Sigh. I tried for as long as I could to NOT blog about politics. But honestly, I am very sad to see some of my dear college friends, smart friends, forgetting all about what they used to believe in. Seems like they have traded in their compassion, and their friendships for a comfortable heterosexual life with 2.5 kids, and corporate jobs. Guess it doesn't affect THEM if same-sex marriage is outlawed, and that our gay friends can't be entitled to the same benefits that marriage offers heterosexual couples. Guess they've forgotten all about those of us with pre-existing conditions, and I guess they aren't blessed with any themselves?

Romney didn't mention last night was that if your workplace changes insurance, you might not be able to continue your coverage, and the pre-existing condition clause he says he's now KEEPING when he repeals Obamacare...might only apply to the insurance you already have. Romney seems to think he'll win by omission. :-(

As someone who used to pay $600/month for private insurance at one point, and an additional $2300/month co-pay for my MS treatment....that sounds offensive to me. For the first time in 12 years I actually feel GOOD, thanks to Gilenya, I dare say. And it costs me $50/month. I can finally afford to be sick!  I no longer have to bankrupt my parents to get the medications I need. Woo-hoo! (AND I finally don't have to, as a good friend pointed out last night, pay $50/month to NOT have a baby!!! Don't even get me started on the republican gentlemen who made despicable statements about how rape victims should "self-abort" any undesirable consequences of their "bad luck".)

I think at the polls, anyone who wants to vote republican in this election should be required to identify Syria on a map. That should be enough to balance out all the stupid little laws the Reps are trying to pass to keep assumed democratic minorities from voting.

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