Monday, October 8, 2012

'Out-of-Pocket, Out-of-Mind"

I guess the saying is "Out of sight, out of mind." I'm sad because I don't understand the endless ocean of paperwork that my insurance sends me. While at the same time being petrified that it will be taken away by Romney, God forbid. The difference between "out-of-pocket" and "deductible", makes very little sense. You pay up to a certain amount (your deductible), and when you've reached THAT continue to pay up to ANOTHER limit (the out-of-pocket). UGH. I mean, I get it, that some things count towards the deductible and some don't, but it just seems a bit redundant. But basically I am just mad because even with out-of-network authorization by Harvard Pilgrim, the Mayo Clinic just send me ANOTHER bill for over $800 dollars. Which coincidentally is what I have left on my "out-of-pocket". And when I was done swearing at that bill, I opened the bill from the hospital, for my MRI the other week. Just under $1000. My question to Harvard Pilgrim tomorrow will be "so since my deductible is met, can I assume that MRIs don't count, since my MRIs - all by themselves - have a payment plan that is now hovering around $3400?"

Before I forget, and this is a bit off topic....our buddy Mark told us the other night that "all dog paws smell like Frito's." I just want to report that I am starting to think he is correct.

Sigh. Engine light went on. Just under 200K miles. And then it went off again. So now I'll look lame and paranoid turning it in to the mechanic tomorrow.

I tried Whole Food's Gluten Free Gnocchi tonight, and it was really tasty! Even for someone who isn't wild about gnocchi in the first place! I dumped some tomato paste into some Alfredo sauce, chopped up some basil, and doused it all in Parmesan. Delicious.

Today's "Great"? There were a couple! Getting nice cards from friends and family, and a yummy looking recipe from Step-Ma-in-Law. Also, this moment is pretty great, with 4 out of 5 animals all snoring around me, watching Castle. The "Gross"? Two bills equaling approx $1800 arriving in the mail. Wait...back to the pets....where is Little Man! 4 out of 5! Littles!!!!!!! Where are you, and what are you getting into....Peace and Serenity is now officially over. :-)

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