Friday, October 5, 2012

"Submarines" vs. "Stupid Girls with Cross-bows"

Hello, and welcome back! I'm sensing a certain new-found... "blog-sistency!" (That term shall from now on be used to describe a scenario where Ann writes more than 4 blogs entries in any given month. Or sometimes, in any given year?")

I'm back from a nice dinner with Lauren and Travis! I branched out, and ordered my usual risotto with lobster...and realized ONCE AGAIN, that I don't love lobster. I should really just accept that fact, and stop trying. It was still a great time, especially with Travis making angry faces, unicorns, one-eared cats, and elf-beards (the list goes on and on and on and on)...all by bending a black straw and arranging it in various ways on his face. It was just too much fun! We also spent some time laughing about the word "lymphocytes"!

I feel like whenever a submarine is featured on a TV series - it's WAY more spacious than it should be. Nobody is crouching as they scurry around the vessel, and the ridiculously high thresholds are blatantly absent between quarters. Even so, in spite of this submarine's obvious "structural liberties"....I'm liking "Last Resort" better than "Revolution". Maybe I just like naval uniforms and submarines better than stupid girls with crossbows running around the woods? Yea, that's most likely the case.

My right hand hurts so bad! I don't know exactly when the "annoying numbness" became "real and serious pain". It makes it impossible to sleep, because I can't figure out where my dumb hand should go! Terence can sleep through most things, but the pets are all bothered by me not staying still. Last night was terrible, and I finally fell asleep - only after the ice-pack completely numbed my entire hand. Oh, and I now officially suck at piano. :-(

Today's "Great and Gross", are self-explanatory. "Gross" was sitting in traffic for two hours and missing my last lesson because of it. "Great" was the Cabernet Sauvignon/Sangiovese we had with dinner.

And WHY will Sara not poop today? We've been to the field and played Frisbee ..we've had numerous long many, in fact, that Amelia is about to go on strike. Because as someone who IS comfortable pooping WITHIN a trillion mile radius....she's had it with the "walking".

Training Session this morning was crazy! My trainer had new "stuff", so I think I just happened to be the lucky one he could test it on. Including the 20 lb vest. I felt like I was about to run a drug bust, and looked remarkably prepared to do so. Naturally, everything from push-ups to squats were 20 lbs more difficult. Made me wonder if the same exercises would have felt like they did today when MY BODY was carrying around 20 more lbs? Wasn't THAT long ago! I have to say, it does feel good to be stronger.

I was planning on going to a Cranberry Bog Festival with Lauren and Travis tomorrow. I didn't really think it through, given that after about 6-8 hours post Gilenya, I'm completely wiped. Which would explain why I'm not getting up early anymore. I'm thinking I need to sleep - I love going places with Lauren and Travis! But it's the other 25,000-however-many-estimated-visitors that I'm not so sure about! Did we ever figure out what a "bog" really is? I'm imagining standing knee deep in floating cranberries, like the Ocean Spray dudes. I'll look forward to the Alfords reporting back!

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