Sunday, October 7, 2012

Terence's "Championship Triple-Play Chili"

I really wanted to make Flan for dessert today. But due to an overwhelming presence of condensed milk, paired with an underwhelming presence of evaporated milk....this project has been postponed. THAT, plus 99% of the recipes take too long. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow, or Tuesday, and bring it to Peter and Allyn's place for "Debate Debacle 2012, Volume II- Battle of the Back-Ups".

Tonight is CHILI-NIGHT with Lauren and Travis! Chillin' with Chili. The whole house smells amazing, and I can't wait!!! We should all feel extra grateful that Terence was able to reach through his grief about the A's losing this afternoon, to still create this magnificent meal!

Yesterday we had such an excellent dinner at the Larkin's! Perfectly cooked steak, and good wine. They are such great people. (It totally gets the prize for yesterday's "Great". Yesterday's "Gross" goes, once again, to Sara - for releasing her anal glands in my lap in the car on our way there. Time to give everyone and everyTHING a mega-bath.)

This will be a short entry, because my eyes are being difficult, and vision is getting fuzzy. And it's almost CHILI TIME! Off to set the table! Recipe to follow tomorrow, if I remember!

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