Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Life of Pie...

...was very short. I worked so hard, to create the best gluten-free Sour Cream Apple Pie ever. I had taken it out to sprinkle the topping on it, and was in the process of putting it back in the oven. That is when the cheap-o pie crust foil folded under the weight of the filling, and flipped. Pie everywhere. Of course it immediately gravitated towards the space between the oven and the oven door. Why wouldn't it?!?

I hope it's not a sign. I had just made some jubilant remark about how I was "Baking for Obama". Oh well. Hopefully he'll still win, and my $15 bucks I just donated will go farther than this stupid pie. I am officially renaming it Romney Pie, since it's now in the trash.

Terence came home early! I would have made something more glamorous than GF Mac & Cheese, had I known! :-) It's nice to have him home, to catch the Giants kick some Tiger-butt, on their way to winning the World Series. Maybe if I get over today's Pie-Fiasco, I can try again with a World Series Apple Pie.

I did something gnarly to my back this morning. I was working on putting this stupid little shelf unit together for the bathroom, and something got tweaked. It was all for nothing too, because when I took out some parts from their packaging during assembly, this rust-colored dust went all over me, and our beautiful bathroom tiles. What? Why would it do that? Stupid piece of crap. Back into the box it went, and I spent a good painful half hour scrubbing the tiles and myself. C'mon China-  you can do better. I'm going to schedule my Massage Envy appointment for ASAP, because my back hurts. A lot.

I bought myself a present today while I was out running "mandatory errands"- a silver down snow vest, in preparation for a repeat of the "Winter of '52." I also bought some emergency items; a lantern, a flashlight, a car emergency kit, and....I think that was it. I know Terence doesn't think "FrankenStorm" is going to hit us very hard, here or in Vermont, but why take the chance. If we're going to be sitting in a flood ditch, then we can at least use the flashlight/radio/phone charger. Then maybe I can still mobile blog....

Did I seriously just see a commercial for a "laptop SLASH tablet?" Where is this all going? Remember when cell-phones were the size of a shoebox?? And then they became the size of a box of dental floss? And now screens are getting bigger and bigger again. It's all the same crap!

The Giants are playing beautifully. At least that's good. I wanted to go hear Travis Alford's concert this evening, but I wouldn't have been able to sit pain-free for the performance. I have seriously failed the Alfords today! I was supposed to attend Dachshund Day on the Common with Lauren this morning, but I didn't wake up! :-( I remember setting my alarm, and....that's all I remember.

We saw "Argo" last night - a really good movie! In fact it has been a long time since I have liked a movie this much. Go see it. Tell them Ann sent you.

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