Wednesday, October 10, 2012


When I am grumpy, my blog will inevitably suffer. Just throwing that out there.

My car needs a catalytic converter. Oh, and a new tail light. Oh, and new windshield wiper blades. This is too much. And the estimate is too much. I am kind of sad, because my options are 1) for us to throw down for a new car, or 2) fix it for roughly the amount of a down payment on aforementioned new car. I was secretly hoping my car and I would be together when we crossed the 200,000 mile mark...only 4000 miles away. :-(

But...a new car WOULD be kind of exciting.....

We're thinking possibly a Toyota Venza! You know, that car in the commercial where the baby boomers are all out partying? With their Venza? And their adult kids visit their home and assume they are sleeping....? Yea, that one. That's the car I want. I think.

So, in other news...I thought today was actually tomorrow. All day. I made spinach dip to bring to the Debate Party. I moved plans to tomorrow. Alas....the debate, the party...both tomorrow. Good spinach dip though.

I guess I'll have to go rent a car tomorrow.

Maybe I can sleep off this bad mood. Although that's not likely with CVS loudly redoing their entire store between the hours of 1am and 3am. And Kosmo being a jerk between 4am and 5am. And construction next door picking up at 6am. I'll try the earplugs again, I'm just paranoid that Littles will eat them... like he ate my headband today. Or that I won't hear the alarm.

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