Monday, November 5, 2012

The Flu in Review

Where to begin?

My heart goes out to all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. I can't even imagine the nightmare they are recovering from right now.

Although thankfully we had no damage, and no flooding- it was a very stressful night nonetheless. Power went out at 5pm on Monday, and I was grateful to have prepared with the emergency radio and flashlights. The headlamp that I made fun of was awesome for reading my book, and NPR was great for pissing me off with all the reports on how close the election polls are. My phone WAS fully charged, but then my concerned neighbour called and basically ran down the battery, telling me that I "have to have a fully charged phone". I tried to tell her, when she told me to charge it in my car, that the car needs to be on, and I didn't feel like accidentally ending which she said to drive it outside, so  I had to point out, again, that we have no power for the garage door. If I HAD to, I could pull the door manually of course, but it seemed easier to me to hang out the phone, and NOT run out of battery. She finally agreed, and I told her I'd call her when the power came back. Which it did, two days later. Highlights of the dark night included me setting off the burglar alarm, not realizing it was on when I braved the storm to get the dogs to go outside. We had no hot water, and I futzed around in the dark tripping over animals. The dogs could't figure out why it was night time at 6pm, but they seemed ok through it all.

Terence was of course working the overnight. They didn't have power at the hospital either, so ER patients were diverted to other places, and the generators were running for the in-patients.

The next morning I was a basket case due to lack of sleep, and stress. I spent the early morning hours chasing a beeping that I could't find. It was sharp enough to be an alarm, but it wasn't the Carbon Monixide alarm, which was good. I hadn't set the burglar alarm, which was running on batteries, but maybe they had run out. I still don't know what it was. Then I noticed that the stove clock was was that possible with no power? I got freaked out and felt like I was in a scary movie!

Terence came home like a whirlwind the next morning, and I was super-grump having not slept. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the house with no power, since I had no idea what was on or off. We were supposed to go to Vermont, and I hadn't packed or anything. We were pretty much both in terrible moods. I didn't want to leave our giant stockpile of Omaha food from Grandma to spoil, since we had no idea when the power would be back! Terence seemed sure that everything would be fine - but I just wasn't havin' it. If I was going to Vermont, I was going to make sure everything was set. So, in conclusion, we shuttled all our food over to Lauren and Travis' extra freezer space, and the housesitter extraordinarie Kelly was on cat-duty. She'd take care of the lights etc should the power come back on. So a little later than we went to Vermont!

In Vermont, at the Mountain Top Resort, we were pretty much the only guests! We got upgraded to a fantastic cabin, and my foul mood softened a bit! Sure, it was replaced by the FLU, but that's ok. It was nice to get away with my husband for even just a little bit. The scenery is so lovely and the dogs were happy. We are so please that Sara enjoyed her first family vacation, and was such a good dog! She didn't bark when left in the cabin when we went to dinner, or anything! They were both great, and I could learn a thing or to from them, about "How to Relax".

I am very glad we went.

I am also glad we moved the food because the power did NOT come back in a timely manner. Thanks again to the Alfords, since this is not the first time they have saved our food supply!

The flu lingered as we made our way back home. I was feeling ok there for a bit, but after kind of a big outing's back in full force. All in all, it was worth it to see President Obama and his cool cat sidekick Bill Clinton at the New Hampshire rally, but I am definitely paying for it now. I sound like I have tuberculosis!!! I know this is not good, considering I currently have a low white blood count, but I am doing what I can. I consider President Obama intregal in my MS treatement, since he has made healthcare affordable!


Since I'm flu-ridden and coughed through the night, I'm going to take a nap. I cancelled all students today, because whatever this is, I do not want others to get it. And I need to get better. Maybe tomorrow I can continue, and tell you all about how I said goodbye to my dear old car, how Sara is doing in obedience class....and how Bestie Jerin is MOVING TO BOSTON TOMORROW!!!!!!!!


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