Friday, December 7, 2012

"December Cram-a-thon"

Don't you love when I cram a ton of info into one blog? It shouldn't even be called a "blog"...when all it is, is a "List".

Obama is in for another four years, thank heavens. The Republicans continue to clown around, and are busy continuing to self-destruct.

So, it's mid-December already! Jerin has been here for over a month and is settled into her new home, with her new roomie, and the roomie's three awesome cats! All in all, I'm proud and trilled at what a smooth transition she's had!

Side-note: I am gagging, watching this show on how to make a fruit-cake. I care not one bit that the recipe is from 1860. Barf!

I'm dashing off to Atlanta tomorrow morning to sing at the Swedish-American Lucia Celebration tomorrow night! I love Christmas so much - it's the best! I've sent out about 100 Christmas cards so far...and am NOT done. I've also been super decor-happy recently. I ordered a new chair for the living room, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's as cool as it looks...! We have a new awesome dining room table (to better accommodate our compulsive entertaining habits) along with a buffet (to accommodate our seemingly infinite stock of serving ware, china, vases, platters, candle holders...).

Thanksgiving was delightful, and delightfully gluten-free!

Now I've gotta go find some white tights to wear under the Lucia Dress....they really should make these dresses out of thicker material....

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