Monday, February 20, 2012

Viruses and other nuisances...

Holy smokes, it's been a long time. I don't understand why this particular resolution is so hard for me!

So long story short, I'm currently battling with the Tysabri decision. I think it's clear in my balance, cognition, and right hand, that I need to treat my MS, one way or the other. It was exciting three weeks ago, when the FDA approved a new blood-test, that would help determine your risk-markers for PML (a nasty nasty brain infection) while on Tysabri. So that was all fun and games, and I was eager to start the infusions, pending the results...guess I hadn't given much thought to testing positive. :-( That was a sad day...not for any other reason, really, than how confident I had become that there was a viable treatment option for me. My decision had been made...and then it quickly got un-made. Now there is an element of fear, knowing that my risks for PML are greater.

On a happier note, Terence and I just ordered family portraits, that we took up in Kennebunkport, ME last month! With the 6:45am meeting time, and 12 degree freezing weather...I'm so pleased with the results! :-)

On a SUPER HAPPY NOTE - Terence is making chili, and Lauren and Travis are coming over to watch "What's Your Number"!

On an aggravating note...why do there always have to be either CHILDREN or YORKIES (or other dogs...), yelling/barking outside our apartment? It's like a torture chamber, 3 hours out of every day.

I guess I should end on a positive note? Hm...