Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So sifting through the blog log, I find an entry from June about how "my friend Lauren inspires me to blog" (which she does!), and how "we got a new dog!" (which we did!)

Somehow it didn't make it to publishing. This saddens me because both of those items are super awesome and important! So, thank you Lauren for always being an inspiration in every way! (Except in the "I carry around hundreds of unused giftcards" sense.)

And...welcome SARA! If I'd actually posted the first blog, you'd have been informed about our new addition back in June. (If I'd been a decent blogger, you'd have known about it in early MAY) It's now September. But anyhow, she is incredible, and wonderful, and dramatic, and beautiful...and tall. And she just stole 4 pieces of bacon from the counter. (Begin countdown to explosive bowel movement....T-8 hours?) We are so very happy that she and Amelia are best buds! Amelia likes nothing more than to bite Sara's long legs, while Sara desperately tries to play with toys. Amelia even goes so far as to drop random toys in Sara's path for distractionary purposes, making for optimal leg biting.

It was a tumultuous summer to say the least. New dog, new home, new MS symptoms and meds...trip to the Mayo's really only been these past 5-6 days that I've felt even a LITTLE BIT peaceful. (Yay plants!) It's probably also due to that Terence has been home, and we've had 4 awesome dinners together back to back, and actually gotten to spend some time together. Lots of playing with the pups at the field that we hijack from undeserving soccer players. Lots of home decorating/arranging - it's starting to finally feel like home.

Speaking of plants- let's revisit my previous entry from earlier today. (Woo-hoo, twice in one day!!) I was really excited about a box shelf that we put up to protect the small potted Polka Dot Plant from Little Man's  appetite for all things not intended for ingestion.

Well, our joy was short-lived. This afternoon we were trying to observe his behavior without him noticing...there he was, looking like a Bulgarian teen gymnast, with one leg on the counter, one on the wall, in a delicate balancing act...with his whole face shoved into the decorative cut-out of the shelf, chomping on the little plant.

So...Operation Photosynthesis...FAIL. :-( I just wanted the satisfaction of displaying something green!! Photosynthesis....DENIED!!!!!! AAAAAH!

And now, after a delicious gourmet grilled cheese brought forth by my Master Chef husband....a glass of wine and cookies. And...the movie "Cowboys and Aliens"? Forgive my question mark and general skepticism but seriously- Terence has chosen some real "retinal wreckers" recently....Time to launch "Operation Reclaim Netflix"!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Oxygenating the Home"

Look! I'm back already. We're off to a good (twelfth) start!

I have two pressing issues today. (Both will indicate that I am not suffering, and have a pretty darn good life.) One problem is my addiction to Toffifay - "A Whole Hazelnut in Chewy Caramel with Chocolate Hazelnut Filling and Chocolate". I am pretty sure that I am single-handedly responsible for a huge surge in Toffifay inventory at the local CVS store. I find myself standing in the chocolate aisle, devastated, staring at the barren shelf. Then two seconds later I struck by the even more devastating reality that it was ME who bought the last two boxes last night. I turn to leave, feeling both relief and grief at the same time. This has to stop. I don't know why I can't eat just ONE, and have it NOT mean "entire box".

A few weeks ago I became obsessed with the idea of "houseplants" since we've really never had any. It's like photosynthesis suddenly became my greatest fascination, and I became convinced that we were oxygen deprived in our new home, because we didn't have any plants! This leads me to the second issue of the day - hanging a plant from the ceiling. I thought I'd become quite adept at using a stud-finder (insert  "like I needed any help, psh!" or "your mom is a stud-finder"....etc....) but there is simply no way the hole I nailed into the plaster would hold the hook, to support the giant hanging plant. UGH! So now there is a hole in the ceiling, and the giant hanging plant is residing in the bath tub. I'm sure Terence thinks it's super-fun to shower with a scene from "The Ruins".

I spent two hours in the greenhouse at Wilson Farms on Sunday. Phone in hand, I carefully researched and cross-checked the various species with the has-to-be-true (right?) internet information concerning what would -and more importantly-what would NOT, kill our pets upon ingestion. Surely ingestion will be inevitable at some point. The lady was very helpful, and after dealing with my million questions, states "You know, I'm going to compile a list for pet-owners!" For surely, she won't want to deal with the likes of me, ever again.

I walked out with three little plants, one medium plant, and the aforementioned giant hanging plant. Pictures of my new green pets soon to follow! Provided I can keep them alive long enough to a) figure out where to put them, and b) take photos....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Resuscitation

....and the SPELLING thereof! What a word! Have I EVER had to spell that word before? I don't think so. If it's spelled wrong, I apologize.

What was stopping me from blogging for this long!?! It's embarrassing how long it has been. For the past 5 months, I've been so wrapped up in the MS induced pharmaceutical shit-storm, that at ANY given point, I've been too distracted to type in the web address to even get me to this page. That, and the fact that "sleeping" started becoming the best option over just about everything else. Stupid, right!?

Today, there is an equally serious obstacle...the Fat Orange Cat. I actually can't see what I'm typing because he is blocking the screen with a frantic "stompade" of my abdominal region. He is so big. I'll have to spell-check this, for sure!

In all seriousness...I'm back from my somewhat involuntary "blog hiatus" because...I now feel pretty good! I'm 30 days into my Gilenya (fingolimod) treatment - (and as of yesterday, I'm 33 years into my LIFE.) and it feels pretty amazing to be taking a PILL for Multiple Sclerosis, available for the first time in history. I sure don't miss the incessant stabbing with needles and the resulting super-sexy welts and bruises. Seemed especially stupid to keep it up when apparently the disease kept progressing anyway. Looking back it's been kind of a rough road, since...well...I don't even know since when. But a rough road nonetheless. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm worry-free, however, the anxiety over the initial risks seems to be fading. As are what we can only assume were random wacky side-effects, like having trouble breathing...headache and back-ache. In fact, I did read that a possible side-effect of Gilenya is "an MS relapse". (And that, my friends, would explain why I felt like my rib cage was being crushed for the past 3 weeks.)  I spent time in the ER with doctors trying to determine if what I felt was the drug OR the disease. Guess it was both. Coincidentally, just as I start this new treatment, another oral medication for MS gets approved! When it rains, it pours, I guess? I know it's not a CURE yet...but to any and all who might be considering Gilenya for their MS....I feel really good about finally arriving at this decision to jump in and join the 30,000 trailblazing patients worldwide.

Enough about the serious stuff. Join me tomorrow, when I will use this blog to "rip Sears a new one". But it will have to be AFTER I go to my work-out in wet clothes since, while we GOT the new dryer today (MIRACULOUS) after 7 weeks, the guy who has to BY LAW come and connect it....never came back after the delivery. Oh, and there is more....TOMORROW!

Today was strange. I feel like the only thing at which I truly succeeded was:

1) Eating an entire box of chocolates.

I did prepare Mahi Mahi with balsamic asparagus for dinner...but due to lack of seasoning....see above.

PS. I guess I technically succeeded in re-opening the crypt that was/is "this blog".