Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Holiday Demon Flu

In hindsight,.my last blog should have been called "December Cram-a-Rama"....just because that is a catchier title.

Where is my husband....!!? I mean, I know he's at work, but he's not answering my texts! My very URGENT texts! He placed an order yesterday with the MeatHouse for a Rib Roast for four people. Somehow, when I picked it up, it was a million pounds and a million dollars! 10 lbs to be exact, which is about twice the meat we were aiming for, I'm pretty sure! I was just picking up, so I didn't know what exactly was said over the phone....soooo....I felt like it would be too awkward to start an argument with the butcher without all the facts about the size of our Christmas Dinner...

Terence is going to roll his eyes, as I am a notorious over-consumer. All the maternal figures in my life instilled in me the notion that the worst thing that could possibly happen to a dinner (or other engagements involving food) would be to run out. Or maybe I'm just not good with choices. Jerin and I went to the store and the IDEA was to decide between brussels sprouts, green beans, and broccoli. Or creamed spinach. We kinda came home with...all of it. Somehow?

So, we had a smashingly delightful Holiday Party last weekend! Great turn-out and everyone seemed jolly and merry and festive, and all that jazz. Gaby, Jerin and I made 108 Deviled Eggs, as part of the authentic Swedish Smorgasbord, with ham, meatballs, au gratin potatoes, red cabbage, herring....etc! And my favorite- Rice Pudding!

After all that merriment, the next day we all got hit with the flu. Or rather, this year's "Demon Strain" of the flu. And one week later, still going strong. Bleh. This is going to sound bad, but in a way it's refreshing to have "normal" flu/cold symptoms....instead of crazy, nonsense Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. So far, Gilenya is being very good to me. :-) I don't mean to marginalize this flu - it's terrible. I mean it. It doesn't go away, even for NON-immunosuppressed folks like yours truly! And the pneumonia like cough that reminds you of your emphyzematic creepy guy on the bus. (I don't really ride the that is just speculation.)

Lauren thinks I should blog more about food, and I'd like to. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow's T-Rex sized Prime Rib? And aren't you all just dying to know what our vegetable choices will end up being?? Or how my Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding will turn out?

Friday, December 7, 2012

"December Cram-a-thon"

Don't you love when I cram a ton of info into one blog? It shouldn't even be called a "blog"...when all it is, is a "List".

Obama is in for another four years, thank heavens. The Republicans continue to clown around, and are busy continuing to self-destruct.

So, it's mid-December already! Jerin has been here for over a month and is settled into her new home, with her new roomie, and the roomie's three awesome cats! All in all, I'm proud and trilled at what a smooth transition she's had!

Side-note: I am gagging, watching this show on how to make a fruit-cake. I care not one bit that the recipe is from 1860. Barf!

I'm dashing off to Atlanta tomorrow morning to sing at the Swedish-American Lucia Celebration tomorrow night! I love Christmas so much - it's the best! I've sent out about 100 Christmas cards so far...and am NOT done. I've also been super decor-happy recently. I ordered a new chair for the living room, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's as cool as it looks...! We have a new awesome dining room table (to better accommodate our compulsive entertaining habits) along with a buffet (to accommodate our seemingly infinite stock of serving ware, china, vases, platters, candle holders...).

Thanksgiving was delightful, and delightfully gluten-free!

Now I've gotta go find some white tights to wear under the Lucia Dress....they really should make these dresses out of thicker material....