Saturday, February 2, 2013

Havarti Musing...

Hello friends! I just realized I still had Christmas decor on the mantel! I don't want to take them down either, because they provide color in my living space!! I guess the faux poinsettas have to go, at least. I'll just have to figure out what to put in its place. 

I've got a very cute fat cat on my lap, and it's making it difficult to type. He's got his giant paw on the mouse so whenever I do a typo, I have to upset him. This might be a short entry.

I've been back to the neurologist since I last I wrote. The good news is, we didn't have much to talk about, as I am feeling pretty darn good. So instead, we discussed having children vs. not having children, and did a quick book review/discussion of the book "the Life of Pi". The bad news is, now my thyroid levels are all wonky. 

My new car is scaring me. When I picked up Jerin from the airport (YAY! Schmappy is home!) it made a sound like I had a flat or something. But there is nothing visibly wrong with it. :-( Hopefully it will at least get me to the dealer on Monday morning, since it's time for the 5000 mile service anyway, and it will be a quick visit.

I kinda feel like starting a "Bad Advice" Blog/Column. Where I select the most RIDICULOUS questions, and give them the answers/solutions they truly deserve. I'm pretty sure that could become seriously popular.  I'm going to grab a snack, and think this through, while eating some Havarti cheese....that the dog just licked.