Monday, March 18, 2013

Fiscal Rage!

Heads up! I'm in a mood!

There is this completely preventable situation, that irritates me more than anything- When the sleeves of a shirt refuse to stay rolled up while I'm doing dishes. It drives me crazy! It makes me even crazier that there are SEVERAL solutions to this ridiculous problem, such as:

1) changing the shirt before starting the dishes.
2) using rubber bands to hold up the delinquent sleeves.
3) not doing the dishes.
4) getting on an increasingly vigorous forearm workout routine, to keep one millimeter ahead of the increased stretching of the sleeves.

But instead of implementing ANY of these, I just keep pushing the sleeves up, only to have them fly back down into the water stream. What is wrong with me??

One thing that might be wrong with me is the fact that I watched a whole episode of  Suze Orman's Finance Show on PBS today. So now I feel terrible about any and all financial decision that I've ever made. She has that wonderful effect. It was a funny (not so funny) coincidence that it was on right as I had sat down with a pen and paper to go over my bills and budget. Now I'm depressed and convinced that I'm going to spiral into some terrible financial nightmare brought on by uncontrolled APRs and lack of good judgment. In all seriousness, it makes me angry how there is no general finance education taught in schools. (Maybe there WAS and I was too busy trying to make a mess of my dating life to notice...??)

I'm not just talking things like "it's important to not spend more than you make". I'm talking about things like...

1) What is a Roth IRA?
2) What are the ins and outs of mutual funds and other investment options?
3) buying a house
4) legal documents needed for various life experiences
5) why is the student loan process so screwed up?
6) taxes
7) insurance planning for illness/death

I'm stressed out. I know a lot more about these things NOW, but still feel like I'm playing catch-up because I' years old! Just kidding. But your knew that.

How do we expect to function as a country without education, is what it comes down to. If the population as a whole doesn't know these do they know how to vote? And hell, it couldn't hurt to teach people how to keep their sleeves from falling down while doing dishes. Too much to ask? ;-)

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