Friday, March 1, 2013

Opting out of Apps

Designing this blog is a big mess. Instructions and templates and crap..."drag into dotted boxes", when there ARE no dottet boxes. Pretty much all I've accomplished so far is buying a bunch of backgrounds that look just like the ones available for free. Oh, I did change the font.

Happy Friday everyone! Aside from being full of annoying facebookers, today is bringing all kinds of surprises...well, I'm just calling them surprises in hopes of stirring up some excitement. Really they have just been phone call reminders for doctors appointments. Time must really be flying, if it's time for another eye check-up.

Kelly and I went to an awesome library concert last night! It was a quartet of clarinet, bass and two guitars, performing music from the 40's. Just my style, and totally inspirational. Lots of cable knit sweaters and 50 shades of gray hair in the audience, but I find that generation so much more endearing than the one I belong to!

Just for the record, it took me the good part of an hour to get this photo from my phone, into my blog.
In my attempts, I somehow managed to download (or upload?) some aspect of Google+, that ended up helping....not at all. My phone is cluttered with apps, and I have no idea why they don't let you choose apps. Then I wouldn't have to work my brain so hard to get RID OF THEM! In short, I have no idea what it was I did that actually got this photo in here.... Sigh. I think I'm overloading on new information. Never again will I get a new camera, laptop and phone in the same month. Nap time.

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