Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lemons are cheaper than Pepper-Spray.

"When life gives you lemons....squeeze them into the eyes of your enemies!!!!" 
The author of the above phrase is "unknown"...but I wouldn't be surprised if I made it up. Considering I don't remember reading it....till just now. When I wrote it. 

How do you guys like my new lemon-y background? I'm trying to distract you with citrus, so that you don't realize how lame I have been about updating my blog.

First things first - On this humid summer eve, our brilliantly assembled team of geniuses SPEWED our knowledge ALL OVER the Brickhouse Tuesday Night Trivia Challenge. Oh, sweet victory! Even as the organizer, I am the self-proclaimed Least Valuable Player of the night, as I was surrounded by very well-informed and intelligent people, who together carried us to undisputed trivia glory. What a fun night.

It came about because back in February, I had been stood up by a friend for dinner at the SeaDog Brewery,  and after ordering food for my sad party of one, overheard a trivia question about San Francisco. I knew the answer and thought it appropriate to donate it to the team nearest my table. One trivia answer led to another, and I was invited to join their merry group. Everyone was very cool, and Alison and I bonded over our love of our dogs. I'm thrilled that we managed to get together tonight for trivia at the Brickhouse, considering it's been almost 6 months since we met. She's just one of those people that made me think, "I want her as a friend."

So, at the start of my extended blog absence, there was a terrorist attack on the 2013 Boston Marathon. I think that was the event that stopped my writing flow. It was a very surreal experience, and obviously very tragic for those killed and maimed. I don't feel the need to recount the event, and the man-hunt that followed and locked most of Boston down in our homes. It was horrible. What followed was a bit of a social media phenomenon, with every average Jane/Joe turning into an award winning newsreporter. It led to lots of confusion and false rumors, but ultimately - the suspects were caught, which was the most important thing. Boston really banded together as a community which was truly inspiring...if only the world could do more of that, not only as a response to tragedy.

I've got several things to catch up on, and photos to post! Amelia became a Certified Therapy Dog back in June, and Terence and I took a quick trip to visit family in California. Normally California represents high stress and anxiety for me, but this time was really mellow and fun! I'd never played Bocci ball before, and got to do so with some of my best friends, between winery visits. We got to visit with Terence's cousin's newborn baby, and while my own biological clock remains on indefinite mute, it was a very cute baby, and did  inspire me to give further thought to adopting one of our own. Seeing the 4 generations of family - that I can now call my own through marriage - is a comforting feeling.

As I may or may not have mentioned before,  my idea to not have a biological child is really unrelated to my Multiple Sclerosis. That said, I think it WOULD be very challenging, knowing there is a genetic component to the disease, to always have that possibility in the back of your mind. My own mother did NOT have that worry, obviously, since at the time of my diagnosis, as well as to this day, I am the only one in my family with MS. But if I had a child, I'd always wonder when the other shoe would drop, so to speak. Would that be enough of a reason to not have a child - no. We all have our crosses to bear, and MS is not the end of the world. There is no cure, but there is no cure for being hit by a bus either. Or being trapped in a terrorist attack. Or struck by a stray piece of space debris for that matter. We can't let ourselves be paralyzed by fear of these horrifying possibilities. Find the best possibilites and set up shop there. It increases the chances of becoming a happy person. Isn't that the point, after all??

There are too many people in this world. That's my main reason for not lugging around an immuno-altering being in my uterus. I feel lucky to have found a husband who shares my question - why keep adding to an out of control population, that's already so hard on the world resources, when there are SO many children in the world who need the love and guidance of a parent? People can tell me that there is no greater thing in this life, than giving birth. That may be true for them, but I can think of several things that personally, I'd most likely find MORE enjoyable. (That doesn't involve such a blatant assault on the female genitalia!) I know that MY capacity for "love" is practically limitless, and the emotional reward that I would get from adoption would be just as great as anyone elses biological adventure. People may disagree, but that's their problem. And those who truly believe that the sole purpose of woman is to bear as many children as possible...I think they need to really start proving some very specific things about who is telling them that. (like why that same guy invented contraception?) These people should also make sure they don't support any life-extending medical procedures, because it's getting a little crowded here on earth.

Bam! That was so much more in-depth than I had intended. I had intended to write about the agonizing process of choosing a lemon-plant background for this blog! (and not about my self-assigned population control program!) But you know what? I'll probably change it (the lemon background, not the self-assigned population control program!) in a few weeks to better suit my mood, and then you guys won't have a clue what lemons I'm even talking about!

It's really humid tonight. I think even my THOUGHTS are sweating. Get ready for some serious blog catch-up in the coming days.

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