Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New(ish) Blog Face!

It's taking everything in my power to not eat a second ice cream sandwich.....never mind. Too late- Terence just brought me one. It's not my fault when it's delivered, right?

So I gave this blog a face-lift. It was challenging, and involved lots of cutting and pasting and cutting some more, and saving, and losing, and starting over at least 6 times. I like the look a lot better now. However, my already crappy right hand is now hating me, and painful from overuse! I wonder how many people with MS problems actually exacerbate their symptoms with things like cellphones and typing, and such. I bet there are people who are complaining "Wow, my numbness/pain is SO much worse today", without considering the 19 hours they've just spent on their computers.

I went to a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday! It was my student, and we'd been working on this a capella 16 verse Hebrew prayer for months- difficult! We had no sheet music to guide us, so the first obstacle was to get the notes down on paper from a near impossibly bad recording. After that, it needed to be moved up several notes to even be singable by a 12 year old. After that we rehearsed like crazy to improve pitch, and to try to hold that pitch for sixteen verses! Not a small feat, and I'm VERY proud of my diligent student! She did a fantastic job! Cool as a cucumber, with no discernible nerves! Added bonus, I can probably fake my way though a Hebrew prayer if ever there is ever a need!

Thought I'd take the pups for a walk today, as I found myself with a random window of time...why is it that everywhere we go there are not just one or two kids...but a TON of kids. ON ROLLERSKATES. Who has seen the movie "Cabin in the Woods?" That must be what Amelia feels like...surrounded by her worst nightmares: Children and wheels, and even worse...children ON wheels.

Ok, short entry. More recipes to follow in the next couple of days. Gotta "reset" my hands.

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