Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston Ice Cream Takedown

I've learned that you can accelerate the ripening of peaches by putting them in a paper bag, and clipping or folding it shut. I'm investigating whether or not this will work for avocados... Ideally, it would make the rock hard avocados ready for....dinner in an hour. ;-) And here is where I found the answer:

I've also learned that Bourbon is a perfect spouse for oven-roasted peaches, and their love child is...a delicious frozen custard! Add some "Trader Jaques Salted Caramel Sauce", and happiness is unavoidable! I considered several other flavors, like Goat Cheese and Fig, or Tiramisu Ice Cream....or Avocado Ice Cream....those were all confined to the back burner for The Boston Ice Cream Takedown 2013!!!

So, for this my second takedown challenge - the first one was the Meatball Challenge earlier this year- I secured 3 ice cream makers with a total of 5 bowls for the freezing. I figured it's really the BOWLS that make it possible to "mass produce"... since they need to be frozen at all times, it's helpful to have several to switch out! It was my first time making "ice cream for public consumption", in any type of large quantity. But golly gee, was it fun! It was also VERY helpful that Ivy was visiting this weekend - she was an amazing asset!! It was really great to spend some time with her - it had been a long time since we had seen each other.

The Takedown was fantastic, as usual. I told the organizer Matt Timms, that I've definitely become addicted to doing these events. It really isn't all about winning when you're surrounded by fun and friendly people who all are in it to have a good time doing something wacky and interesting! I'm really proud of my Tipsy Peach Ice Cream, and the compliments and consumer responses made me confident that it really WAS a success! I plan on posting the recipe, but as usual, I cook and bake like my Grandmother ("a little bit of this...a little bit of THAT....add some more of this....") and need to get it down on paper.

Note Organizer/Host Genius, Matt Timms looking pensive in the photo above!

Lauren placed 3rd for "People's Choice" which is fantastic! She had the most adorable set-up with a beach theme for her "Key Lime Pie Ice Cream" - it was totally a melt-in-your-mouth, refreshing, perfectly balanced pie-in-a-scoop! :-)
The team to our left had a very novel flavor of Curry & Saffron, which had a gorgeous rich yellow color!

The team to our right had "S'more Beer Please" Ice Cream....with Marshmallow Fluff, and Graham Crackers! I love how events like this draw out some seriously creative folks! Loved their beer-bottle/marshmallow decor!

I feel like I've run a marathon. Not that I would ever voluntarily run a obviously I'm just making things up, and speculating....I'm so incredibly tired. And tomorrow is Monday again! They just keep coming...!!! However, the light at the end of the tunnel is the arrival of Bestest Cousin Martin and his wife Paulina, from Sweden! In their honor, I'm throwing a party on Friday - "Shark-a-palooza", since Martin and I have a long running joke about shark week. As with most of our jokes, it has mutated into a full blown obsesssion...This party will have a shark pinata....a huge remote controlled helium filled shark....shark costumes for the pets....the list goes on, and I'm sure you'll be AMAZED at the photos that will be posted, come Saturday....with an entire chapter dedicated to how emotionally conflicted I am about the Shark Dress I ordered....stay tuned.

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  1. Such a fun dayyyyy Ann! Your ice cream ROCKED. Mmmmmmm. :)