Monday, August 12, 2013

Eye, Eye, Matey!

Har har. That title is so stupid, I can't believe I'm going to leave it...but right now, I can't think of anything better. (OR worse.)

I am having a strange eye sensation. It feels like my right eyeball has a personal air conditioner blowing right at it. I'm totally going to self-diagnose right now, and say that caused by lack of sleep, and stress. Those things have their own causes, such as "large orange cat", and "exhorbitant flight fares around Christmas time".
To those of you who might have found this blog through a search for "Gilenya" or other MS terms...Yes, I do suppose "macular edema" will always be on the table for as long as I'm taking this medication, but I seriously doubt that would be the main course at this time, all things considered.

I'm trying to book a flight to get back to the Bay Area for the holidays. Terence, having started his residency last month (only thirty five months to go!!!), doesn't know whether or not he'll be able to have the time off. The pet-sitter needs to be booked...well... yesterday. No sense in booking if Terence is going to have to stick around. Bummer to be stuck without a sitter if Terence does NOT have to stick around. Tickets, not unlike the pet-sitter, pretty much needed to be booked EONS ago. Ticket prices have SOARED. It's upsetting.

Lots of things happening. I applied to a local college to see if I can get started on a Psychology degree. Not because I really NEED more things to do, but because I think it would be extremely interesting. I was accepted for the fall semester, and just need to see how much it would cost, etc.

Lauren and I are one week away from the Boston Ice Cream Take-down....she has created a fantastic Key Lime Ice Cream, and I'm churning out some Peach Burbon Creamy goodness. The timing is the hardest part, as we have to make 2 gallons. I wish I could magically conjure up 6 ice cream makers to increase the likelyhood of ALL the ice cream tasting....roughly the same?

Terence was off yesterday! We took this glorious and unique opportunity to jet down to Newport, RI for a morning cruise on the harbor. I had researched what activities were dog friendly in the area, and came up with Gansett Harbor Cruises. We definitely had a nice time, and lots of people were delighted to see dogs on board. The Captain? Not so much. He went so far as to make the statement "not everyone loves dogs", when we were trying to get a picture with Sara and Amelia. We did leave a generous tip...of fur. But in all seriousness, if a Cruise Company claims to be dog friendly...they should really get behind that claim. Maybe designate an area...

It was Sara's first trip on a boat! Aside from the "less-than-enthused-captain", she really had a good time! It was a really lovely family-day!!

Hey! We're on a boat! Makes the dumb "Eye, Eye, Matey" title of this blog, just a tad funnier...!

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