Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing the "For the Love of Pets" category!

So, I've now created a sub-header of topics that I play around with in this blog. I'm going to write a little bit in each category to see if I've accomplished my goal! This is a category devoted to my beloved pets! 
Here is the line-up!

Sara is 3 years old (to the best of our knowledge!). She had a few questionable owners in the past, but when I saw her beautiful face on the Peace & Paws website, I knew she had to come to her "forever home" with us. She was fostered by some truly wonderful human beings, Michael and Morgan, and we love it when they come and visit us. Sara goes absolutely nuts with sheer joy!! (As do we!)

Kosmo is approximately 8 years old, and has been with me since I saw him sleeping in his litterbox at a Petco adoption fair in Sunnyvale, CA. He was an absolute wreck on his journey to Boston, but that's a story for another time! Kosmo LOVES food, and HATES moderation. He is very handsome, and can be the sweetest cat...when he isn't howling or harassing us at 3am...

Littles and Chloe came into my life as part of the "Veterinarian Husband Package". They are litter-mates and showed up at Terence's vet a paper bag. Chloe kind of holds a grudge against the world, but sometimes (as in the photo above) will let her brother get close. She does NOT like Kosmo...but Kosmo LOVES her. Littles has some issues with indiscriminate consumption of non-food items. It's a problem. I've lost countless garments and shoes, and bed sheets, and towels... to his ravenous and strange appetite. But we love him so very much. :-) It's good to have a veterinarian in the house though, when the projectile vomit begins...

Amelia is not really a dog. She is more like... an alien from a very peaceful civilization. She is the smartest, and the most gentle being imaginable. Amelia is a  certified Good Canine Citizen, and also has her Therapy Dog License, to go out into the world and make it a better place through love and snuggles. She has traveled the world like the jet setter glamour princess that she is, and was the ring bearer at our wedding. She is my first dog, and is a friend to everyone...except small children. And bicycles. She can pick up the toys that Sara throws around the room....and put them back in the basket when it's time for clean-up.

We also have....Benicio! He is named after Benicio del Torro, because he is a bad a** mo-fo! He is agressive and awesome, and even though he can't come out an play with the other kids....we love him so much and he is just as much a part of the family!

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