Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Panic at the Disco!

....well, more like "Panic at Toyota".

I'm lounging while my car is getting it's 15,000 mile service. It's awesome.

I guess there is a chance all this relaxation that I'm doing might all be ruined.... if I at some point get handed a huge bill for a million things wrong with the car. BUT, let's not be negative. For now, I'm basking in the glory of the Wi-Fi and flat screen equipped Toyota Café, and have enjoyed a plate of delicious scrambled eggs, perfectly crisped bacon, average fruit cup! (still too much melon, and not enough ...fruit that's NOT melon) Did I mention that they have a fitness center?

This whole experience would of course be better if I didn't feel like I was having an anxiety attack. would most definitely be better if I wasn't ACTUALLY having this anxiety attack. I am pretty convinced these feelings are directly related to Gilenya. I've never in my life, prior to starting Gilenya last September, felt anxious or had racing heart rate, and the shakes. Now it's been happening more and more frequently. Talking to other people who are also taking Gilenya, I'm finding that I'm definitely not the only one. In fact, I'm learning that more and more people are going OFF Gilenya, for this reason. I wonder knowing that is making my issues worse...even the idea of NOT being on Gilenya makes me super upset.

Eeek. Shaky hands freak me out. (especially when they are mine). And feeling faint and "strange" conjures up terrible memories of vestibular, that's NOT helping this situation.

Mind over matter is a tricky concept. I'm noticing that I'm yawning. Not just "stretch n' yawn", but many yawns back to back. Since yawning in dogs can be an indicator of anxiety, I did some research on the internet (as I was panicking and yawning, haha). Apparently it is the same for humans, AND is a natural bodily response to a panic attack, as we might feel like we aren't getting enough air. Seems intuitive enough, as the heart begins to race, and we're feeling faint...but the following fact might help calm things down - the body normally takes pretty shallow breaths. When we yawn, particularly if we are yawning repeatedly (as I was doing just now in the Café at Toyota!) we take in too much oxygen, which contributes to hyperventilation. It's really hard to tell oneself anything, really, when you feel like you're about to faint, and your hands are shaking etc. Talking to Lauren right now, is definitely helpful (yay friends, and yay internet!) and I'm glad I found the article on yawning!

The woman just called and said my car was ready. I feel better, so I'm going to gather my things, drop off my tray, and go pick up my car. This anxiety attack was broadcast live from Acton Toyota, most definitely brought to you by Gilenya!

What this blog was supposed to be about, was how awesome this Toyota dealership in Littleton, MA is. They are SO efficient, and the whole process from the time you bring your car through their automatic "garage-like" doors (that fly up at a million miles per hour) is totally streamlined. A valet checks you in, your name appears on a screen inside, and within 10 minutes I was called to the desk, and handed my breakfast voucher. Everything is so nice and clean, and everyone is so very nice! Barring random anxiety attacks, that have nothing to do with Toyota, this is such a pleasant experience!

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  1. That has to be the best car dealership ever. Amazing! I'm glad the panic passed rather quickly and that I could be of some help (like I actually did anything). haha