Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The General Knowledge of "General Knowledge"

It's way too late to call this post anything but Daily Chatter. I'm so sleepy I can't even be responsible for what I'm writing, really....

We suffered a terrible defeat at Trivia tonight, in Waltham. It was a bad scene. On the one hand, it was discouraging that we didn't have the knowledge required to win...but on the other hand, I guess I should feel positive that there apparently are enough knowledgeable and well-rounded individuals roaming around the area, to shove us into second to last place. Miserable! I guess a third option would be to assume that everyone else is cheating!!

That's my favorite option. Cheaters, the lot of  'em! Especially that guy who kept staring at us. I wanted to throw my water at him to rinse that smug grin off his face. He and his friend were at least 4 pitchers of beer deep, and still managed to beat us...Absolument incroyable! Maybe we weren't drunk enough...

Alas, we will brush ourselves off (and find a new trivia location!) and try again in two weeks. I'm just grateful that we are not a sports team, because as the self-appointed manager, I'd have been fired by now! We must have had beginner's luck in Woburn that first night! I wonder if I can find some program online that just rambles off random infinite number of questions....just to increase my "general knowledge of general knowledge". I'll have to investigate. If nothing else, we had some delicious ice cream, and confirmed that 1) Mug Root Beer has a dog mascot, 2) the "Post" brand makes fruit loops, honey bunches of oats and grapenuts cereals, and ...well, we need to read up on our Norwegian Olympic Figure Skaters, Inagrual Hall of Fame Blues Performers....and movie tag lines for every movie ever made. And I guess HTC isn't the same as "Android".

There were some clever team names, I must admit. "Bed, Bath, & Beyonce", was clever. As was "Putin on the Ritz." That one could have been improved upon by changing to "Putin on the Fritz", since Putin is being such a pill over in Russia...granting asylum to the cowardly traitor, Snowden, and hating on homosexuals. I really don't blame the President for canceling his Russia/Putin trip, in favor of a stop in Sweden.

I really think it's so ironic that Snowden ends up in RUSSIA. He thinks OUR government is "spying on us too much"? OUR government is "too controlling"....well, obviously, you belong in Russia, where people are free to speak out against their government without fear....oh

Have a good vacation. Hope you end up pedaling a generator in Siberia. Good riddance.


  1. Just remember...if we hadn't bid so crazy on the last 2 answers, we wouldn't have been 2nd to last...we would have been, say, 5th to last. Ha! (wah)

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