Saturday, January 12, 2013

Truffle Time!

Hello Creeper.

Ha. Just kidding. Unless you're ACTUALLY a creeper! That's a line from my new favorite youtube video of two cats playing "paddy cake". You should google that! Right now! You won't regret it.

Today was delightful! Lauren and I went to a chocolate truffle making class in Boston - super fun! The teacher was a winner from the Food Network show "Sweet Genius"...(which is a totally strange show)...and it was an episode that I'd actually seen! The host freaks me out, so i don't make a habit of watching it. Everything was really great except for this woman who, in addition to annoying me with a poorly composed pony tail, seemed to want to start a fight about whether or not "coconut" is a "nut". She seemed determined to prove that the chocolate class was going to kill someone with a nut allergy...and apparently needed to tell the Food Network Contest Winner and long time professional pasty chef, that she's "in the restaurant industry". With that asinine pony tail....I wanted to yell at her to go back to whatever greasy diner she escaped from, and let the rest of us enjoy our fancy truffle class!

I'd post pictures, but between Terence and myself, we've managed to lose two memory cards. At the risk of sounding like a complete whiner- 1) my computer is slow as crap, and there are more error messages than stars in the sky, 2) my phone holds a charge for about as long as it takes me to think about making a call, and 3) I forgot my third complaint. I am pretty sure it was about technoloy though. I am mad that phones are so expensive, and most involve signing your life away to the likes of AT&T. Oh well, I'll just take out my frustration on Facebook, in the form of agitated yet totally defensible rants about gun-control, and watch as (seemingly illiterate) Constitution thumpers make themselves and their feeble points of view look ridiculous.

Had a fun evening at the Tavern - drinks with my awesome newish friend from the gym! The bar was PACKED. I've never seen it quite like this. As usual it was mostly dudes in backwards hats in all their Jersey Shore-tastic glory. It's downright exhausting, and I am so insanely grateful to not be in the dating pool. What a nightmare, to date in today's idiotic world!! Best of luck to my single friends!

So, Kosmo ain't the only fatty 'round here. I went over to my former neighbour's place and was totally shocked to see her cat! It was only two months since last I saw them - it was startling how large this cat had gotten in such a short time! Thinking about how MY doctors always want to know about "any unusual weight gain/loss"....I thought it best to ask Terence! He said "bring her in". So I stuffed her into her now-too-small carrier, and into the which point she stressed out, hyperventilated and promptly urinated. All over my Cole Porter Song Book. Super. Anyway, to make a long story short, following an ultrasound and a bath....diagnosis? The cat is just FAT. Well, lo and behold, when I asked dear Bette to show me what exactly the cat was being fed, the reason was clear. Instead of the 1/4 cup twice a day, she had been giving the cat 4 oz; a significant difference. So now the REAL diet begins. I've put Kosmo on a "sympathy diet", because of the sheer fact that this cat was HEAVIER than him. Poor Bette was so confused as to why her "diet" was making her cat LARGER. :-) I'm glad it was "just" that, and not something malignant. It was hard having to take 87 year old to the vet to say goodbye to her best friend of 13 years, earlier this year.

I've got some Souffles to post on this non-food/food blog. One Grand Marnier with Creme Anglaise, and one Chocolate with Raspberry Sauce. Although after listening to Mr.Sweet Genius Winner rant about how much he hates raspberry seeds, I can see I'll have to do something about that. I am proud to have branched out in the dessert department, and that it actually paid off. I might actually have to rename this blog "Dessert Storm" if this continues!