Friday, March 29, 2013

Whipped Cream Scam

Ugh, I hate when my blog ideas all cluster together. I literally typed that first sentence last night, before my computer battery died. I was going to write an imaginary tale about this landscaper I drove by, who looked JUST like Paul Ryan. Almost to the point where I thought it was a publicity stunt by Republicans. But that was yesterday, so I've now forgotten what my awesome story was going to be.

It's been a busy week. A lot of my time was taken up by trying to clean ricotta out of a strainer. On Wednesday, or...maybe it was Thursday? It was Thursday. On Thursday I branched out and tried Whole Food's Gluten-Free Ravioli. SUCH a good idea, and sooo...not a great execution. The raviolis fell apart after 1.3 seconds in the boiling water. And to add insult to injury they were not very tasty. Neither was the vodka sauce. So, in short, I blame the lack of flavor of my main dish for my over-indulging on the garlic bread. Mmmm, garlic bread.

Do you know what I think of whipped cream in a can? I think it's a scam. The cans feel almost the same when full, as they do when empty. And my whipped cream cans seem to ALWAYS be empty. Terence says it's because I eat so much of it, but I don't buy it. More often than not, I sit down to enjoy my pancakes with Nutella and whipped cream, and all I get is a blast of noisy air. Stupid. At that point the Nutella is already ON the pancake too, so there is really no turning back. I've taken to OVER stocking whipped cream, so that that situation doesn't happen so often.

I took the pups to the woods today, and they had so much fun. I like how Sara is waterproof. She flew headfirst into the creek, came out BLACK with grimey gunk, and was clean by the time the walk was over. I still gave her a wipe down with doggie wipes when we got home. I can't remember where we got these wipes but they seriously smell like men's cologne. So now Sara is exhausted, snoozing on the couch, smelling like what I would imagine Will Ferrell's character in Anchorman would smell like.

I am not all that inspired to write right now. I am lacking in sleep recently. How tired am I? Yesterday evening I was apparently so tired that when I thought I was texting Terence "you should get breathe right strips and a humidifier for your snoring"....I accidentally sent that text to a student's MOM instead. Of all the texts to send to the wrong person...sigh. Guess it could have been worse, but it sure could have been better too.

The MS drug BG-12 got FDA approval on Wednesday! I'm excited for all the people who have been waiting for this day. I still don't quite understand why Gilenya never got the hype that BG-12 seems to get. The general MS community seems full of people who either "didn't want to try something so new" (which makes no sense since BG-12 is NEWER!?) or was "afraid of all the side effects". But the side effects of the "old" drugs, are just as dangerous if not MORE. So that doesn't really make sense either. The reasons I ultimately opted for Gilenya are the following:

1) Side effects are POSSIBLE, but not GUARANTEED. MS progression is very likely, and possibly guaranteed.

2) Gilenya is almost twice as effective as the drugs that are currently on the market, and certainly not MORE dangerous.

3) The possible side effects are mostly treatable and for the most part reversible when detected early. And unless you are the kind of person who goes along with having MS without paying attention to what's happening to you... I'm fairly certain you'd notice changes in vision, for instance.

So, why was the general population of MS patients "wait for BG-12"? Is the average patient simply deferring to the neurologists of the world, who I suspect often "go with what they know", OR are the neurologists really in the pockets of pharmaceuticals? Which would simply mean that Biogen has more money than Novartis...?

I basically figure that in spite of how money driven these big drug companies are, they are not going to WANT to kill people if they can avoid it. Drugs will become better with time. And less dangerous, in general, with newer knowledge. I want to improve quality of life. I do feel like some patients almost derive their "purpose" from having MS. I do not want to be one of them. No matter what happens, it's information for the future. With a chronic progressive disease, we have to have faith in that patients aren't the only ones who want a cure.

OK, time to get ready for tonight - Brenda, Jeremy and Sean are visiting from California. Brenda has a show tomorrow, as part of the Burlesque Festival this weekend! Should be a lot of fun! They had a rough time with United Airlines (who doesn't these days...) losing their bags. That airline is the worst. Seriously. They promised to deliver the lost bags between 1AM and 6AM, which of course didn't happen. Jeremy was able to get a rental car and drive to East Boston to some random holding facility and get their bags. Screw you, United Airlines! I hope you find this blog and get your feelings hurt!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fiscal Rage!

Heads up! I'm in a mood!

There is this completely preventable situation, that irritates me more than anything- When the sleeves of a shirt refuse to stay rolled up while I'm doing dishes. It drives me crazy! It makes me even crazier that there are SEVERAL solutions to this ridiculous problem, such as:

1) changing the shirt before starting the dishes.
2) using rubber bands to hold up the delinquent sleeves.
3) not doing the dishes.
4) getting on an increasingly vigorous forearm workout routine, to keep one millimeter ahead of the increased stretching of the sleeves.

But instead of implementing ANY of these, I just keep pushing the sleeves up, only to have them fly back down into the water stream. What is wrong with me??

One thing that might be wrong with me is the fact that I watched a whole episode of  Suze Orman's Finance Show on PBS today. So now I feel terrible about any and all financial decision that I've ever made. She has that wonderful effect. It was a funny (not so funny) coincidence that it was on right as I had sat down with a pen and paper to go over my bills and budget. Now I'm depressed and convinced that I'm going to spiral into some terrible financial nightmare brought on by uncontrolled APRs and lack of good judgment. In all seriousness, it makes me angry how there is no general finance education taught in schools. (Maybe there WAS and I was too busy trying to make a mess of my dating life to notice...??)

I'm not just talking things like "it's important to not spend more than you make". I'm talking about things like...

1) What is a Roth IRA?
2) What are the ins and outs of mutual funds and other investment options?
3) buying a house
4) legal documents needed for various life experiences
5) why is the student loan process so screwed up?
6) taxes
7) insurance planning for illness/death

I'm stressed out. I know a lot more about these things NOW, but still feel like I'm playing catch-up because I' years old! Just kidding. But your knew that.

How do we expect to function as a country without education, is what it comes down to. If the population as a whole doesn't know these do they know how to vote? And hell, it couldn't hurt to teach people how to keep their sleeves from falling down while doing dishes. Too much to ask? ;-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Opting out of Apps

Designing this blog is a big mess. Instructions and templates and crap..."drag into dotted boxes", when there ARE no dottet boxes. Pretty much all I've accomplished so far is buying a bunch of backgrounds that look just like the ones available for free. Oh, I did change the font.

Happy Friday everyone! Aside from being full of annoying facebookers, today is bringing all kinds of surprises...well, I'm just calling them surprises in hopes of stirring up some excitement. Really they have just been phone call reminders for doctors appointments. Time must really be flying, if it's time for another eye check-up.

Kelly and I went to an awesome library concert last night! It was a quartet of clarinet, bass and two guitars, performing music from the 40's. Just my style, and totally inspirational. Lots of cable knit sweaters and 50 shades of gray hair in the audience, but I find that generation so much more endearing than the one I belong to!

Just for the record, it took me the good part of an hour to get this photo from my phone, into my blog.
In my attempts, I somehow managed to download (or upload?) some aspect of Google+, that ended up helping....not at all. My phone is cluttered with apps, and I have no idea why they don't let you choose apps. Then I wouldn't have to work my brain so hard to get RID OF THEM! In short, I have no idea what it was I did that actually got this photo in here.... Sigh. I think I'm overloading on new information. Never again will I get a new camera, laptop and phone in the same month. Nap time.