Wednesday, April 3, 2013


At first it was a "mystery", and a seemingly unanswerable question - IS IT POSSIBLE for the wind to be MOVING the Port-a-Potty that sits over by the construction area?? Without pushing it over?? Last night it was clearly a foot or two forward from it's usual spot. This morning, a full 10 feet, propped up against the curb of our little center area in the front circular driveway. Suspicious, no? Well, yippee yay, the question has been answered. When I got home this afternoon it was flipped on its side. Nothing says "welcome home" (or "buy me!" in the case of the just completed new units) like a LITERAL shit creek winding its way across the driveway, and into the nearest unsuspecting sewer grate. I wanted to vomit at the sight of the giant turd floating by. I'm hoping this can magically NOT be the scene that greets me tomorrow at breakfast. I'm just really grateful that we have two entry options to this house.

My hand hurts so I'll be brief. In the past week, some highlights include

1) attending not just one, but TWO burlesque performances and not so secretly wondering how proficient I myself could become at swirling tassels, perhaps in a "Swedish Singing Astronaut" number?

2) cooked a 14 lb Prime Rib Roast for Easter and managed to ALMOST replicate my gluten free Yorkshire popovers,

3) spent a night NOT sleeping on a pile of towels on the floor in the office (long tedious story for another day),

4) spent serious time sprucing up my usual deviled eggs with bacon, only to forget to serve them.

I'm tired.

I learned something about TULIPS this Easter. (I usually buy tulips as they are among the most unlikely to kill my cats) The lady who was working in the floral department told me that if I dropped "7 pennies" into the vase, the flowers would not bend, as tulips have a tendency to do after as little as a day. I got home and wondered if it had to be exactly 7 pennies. I only had six. The results have been jaw-dropping. Truly. The tulips look lovely, and are proudly reaching for the sky - Day four! Thank you for that gem of tulip knowledge, flower lady!